This Is The Solution If The Cowardly Lose The Debate


If the Cowardly voices can be sent to the kiddie table, Conservatives can mitigate the economic destruction that the Liberals are imposing on all those that work actual jobs by doing this;

Secession Plan Floated By Some Northern Colorado Leaders « CBS Denver

California has disenfranchised 80 percent of the State because of the Communist hubs but our “small c” conservative “leaders” are too afraid to let go of the teat and form our own State.

Here is hoping Colorado shows the rest of America how you deal with Enviro-Nazi’s when they try to destroy your life as a sacrifice for their imbecilic religion.


They’d require the cooperation of the state of Colorado and Congress, which they won’t get. And local county commissioners are not “Northern Colorado Leaders.”


When you say secede do you mean they are going to form their own country?


Never mind I read it. I mean I understand feeling disenfranchised. This isn’t good for national unity though, I could see different areas splitting up all over the country. Seems like we would get torn from the seams.

Maybe Cascadia will finally get their chance at independence.


That is the same cowardly excuse that is used in California, seceding requires no “permission” from anyone. If the current forces were worthy of enough respect to ask permission from there would be no secession movement to begin with.

Any American that thinks his property and economic Rights are something He needs government “permission” to possess and His voice in matters relevant to His own posterity is nothing more than a nice privilege He hopes His government might someday give Him deserves all the horrors that befall Him.

That is what killed California and we deserve every ounce of the bitter poison we are consuming now, the cowards path leads to many places but none are a destination fit for pigs much less man.

The Liberals take our Liberty and then spit in our faces while laughing as our lives dry up and blow away, all because of the unfounded fears and “what if’s” that drip like drool from the mouths of the GOP Left.


There can be no “Unity” if the price is that a few population centers can enslave and destroy all the rural places by forcing them to worship their phony god, if “Unity” with your destroyers matters more than your own Rights then the future will be acceptable to you.

It will never be acceptable to me.


That’s why IN remains mostly Conservative with a few Urban Liberal enclaves. Unfortunately, INDY is one of those enclaves. However, the population ratio of small town and rural areas to Urban areas is approx. 70% to 30%. This keeps the statehouse Conservative and usually the Governor too.

Even when Even Bayh was the democrat governor, he governed from centrist to slightly conservative. However, when he was elected to the Senate, he towed the national DNC line as long as he could. After he became a Senator, he was constantly running for VP–thinking that he could add a centrist balance to the commie Demoncrat ticket. When 0bama passed him up, he quit.


New States may be admitted by the Congress into this Union;** but no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State; nor any State be formed by the Junction of two or more States, or parts of States, without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.**

Article 4, section 3 of the US Constitution.

These people live in Colorado. They collectively voted for their representatives. If they think the representation is wrong, vote for other people, and convince others to vote for other people. If that doesn’t work, move. But you can’t just steal land from the state of Colorado because your democratically elected representatives piss you off, at least not without Colorado’s consent.


Well if you decide to ignore that pesky Constitution thing we have than yeah, it requires “permission” from no one.


The Constitution is suddenly relevant to Liberals?

The Federal government has no Constitutional authority to form an E.P.A. and give them the power to make law and enforce fines and penalties, do you recent admirers of the Constitution want the E.P.A. abolished like you want those who have been trampled by Liberals to respect the Constitutional process for Statehood?

There is no specified enumerated power to educate or form a National department of education, do you Lefties want that abolished?

How about the Welfare, Social Security and Employment Development departments, will these be on the Leftist chopping block now that the Constitution suddenly matters to you?

How about killing babies, are you Communist’s going to start demanding that babies cannot be killed without Due Process?

I suppose you all will drop your Marxist signs and head for a Tea Party rally to protest Obamacare as well?

That was rhetorical, I know you could not possibly care less about the Constitution and hypocrisy is your virtue.

And I never advocated violating the Constitution to begin with.

I advocated seceding from the current State (Colorado in this case) that is oppressing them and forming a new State. If the Federal government chooses not to recognize the new State then they will be a U.S. territory until such time as they are admitted to the Union.

No oppressed people is required to seek permission from their oppressors to utilize their Rights, Rights are endowed by our creator not by any government.

Which means Liberals Rights are from chimpanzees, hence their complete inability to think critically.


Well one, I was not aware that the federal government was murdering babies. I thought citizens were doing that. Two, the proper response to a legislature you don’t like is not to steal land from the state. And even if they thought so, they’re nothing without recognition. If Colorado and the United States do not honor their request for secession, and continue to use power there, unless Northern Colorado has the power to fight it, their proclamation of secession is useless. So yes, if you want to go to war with the United States, you can disregard Article 4 of the Constitution and go off and be your own state. That’s not going to happen though, because a couple of loonies in North Colorado does not a state make.


Remember all those petitions for secession earlier this year? What happened with that? Right, nothing. Because it was stupid.

  1. You cannot “steal” your own property, only Communist’s think everything is owned by the collective and that is the most compelling reason to secede. Explaining my support of the idea and your opposition to it.

  2. No “Legislature” has the Right to eradicate Constitutional Rights and replace them with a direct democracy system that allows the majority in isolated cities to exercise tyranny over the rest of the people. Explaining my support of the idea and your opposition to it.

  3. If the State of Colorado and the U.S. Government don’t like it they can refuse to recognize the new State and/or take up arms to return them to their forced servitude, there is no law that prevents citizens from embracing their Constitutional Rights. Explaining my support of the idea and your opposition to it.

  4. Article 4 established the process for formally admitting a State to the Union, nothing more. If any people seek to free themselves from the tyranny of religious bigots and Communist’s they need not be assured of a future spot in the Union to do so. Almost every State that has been admitted to the Union since the original 13 had gone through these splits and fights for years before gaining the approval of Congress, this has NOTHING to do with anything.

  5. Those who actually read (as opposed to just repeating whatever Rachel Maddow says) know that those “petitions for secession” were only filed to expose Obama as a liar since He promised “serious consideration” of any petition that met a signature quota that He established, they had NOTHING to do with the actual process of secession or the formulation of a State.

  6. And of course those who desire Constitutional Rights are “Loons” to you, that is why this country is irreconcilably divided and why eventually you will be forced to pull the trigger on the government guns that you use to oppress the innocent or flee to Europe.

  7. The government kills most of the babies since the government pays for most of the abortion mills.


Well if the US and Colorado don’t recognize their secession, then what the heck is the point? Unless they’re recognized and can defend their recognition, there’s no difference from being a part of Colorado. They’ll say they’re a new state, and the next day get pulled over by a Colorado state trooper for speeding. The crazy ramblings of secessionists are nonsense unless they can back them up.


No, they’re just subsidizing the murder of babies with taxpayer dollars…


I agree with you on most things but not on this. If a group of people feel they aren’t being represented and have no agency even through voting then they should be allowed to secede. Simple as that.


Sure, I agree. But apparently either not enough people agreed, or they thought secession was too hard. My point is that nothing has gotten so bad to warrant secession. If it did get that bad, then whoever seceded who have 1) recognition, and 2) power to enforce recognition.


Contrary to popular belief insulting liberals does not in fact make your argument stronger, or your butchering of the Constitution any less grievous.


I do not insult Liberals, Liberals are offensive toward themselves when they attempt to claim that the purpose and intent of the Constitution is to create tyrannical governments that rule the peons with an iron fist from cradle to grave.

My “argument” is made stronger when Liberals cannot present a plausible refutation, that also is the Liberals fault.

I can think of no better place to land than the opposite of those who think “butchering the Constitution” is not accepting the history revisionist concepts that deny Liberty to everyone who does not receive their sustenance from a government entity.

I start to worry when these destroyers agree with me on something.

There can be no unity or common ground between those who produce and those who destroy production.
No unity can exist between those who oppress and those who seek to be free.
No unity is possible between those who murder and those who defend the defenseless.
No unity will be profitable between liars and those who respect truth.

Someday Conservatives will realize that the Extreme Left seek only their destruction, all of the other motives that they claim to justify their warfare and abuses are secondary at best. When that day of epiphany comes a solution is possible, until then Conservatives deserve every slap, wad of spittle, kick in the face and confiscation of property and Rights that they endure.

Those who are willing to compromise with an enemy that wants nothing but their destruction are fools, things don’t go well for fools.


Your “argument” was refuted with a clause from the Constitution, as far as refutations go I’d say that one was pretty plausible.