This is very scarey....


This is very scarey. The fact that we have this megalomaniac in the WH and that the entire Dept. of State is in disarray doesn’t give me a very good feeling about this.
NKorea warns of nuke test, more rocket launches - Toshiba


More of a worry for South Korea and Japan. My first thought is Lil’ Kim’s progeny needs some more UN pay off money in the coffers to keep him in the lifestyle he has become accustomed to.


I sure hope you’re right. Otherwise, we are in deep doo-doo…


They can’t get a missile or rocket over here. Nor are they believed to be able to attach a nuclear warhead to them.


As I said in another thread, North Korea has been rattling sabres as long as there has been a North Korea.


Whether they have the capability to do so now is really not the point. The fact is that that is what they are working toward. If we choose to forget the past (Hitler), we are doomed to repeat it. No one took Hitler seriously (especially Chamberlain) until he marched onto France & Poland. By then, it was clearly too late. We also shouldn’t forget Japan. We made terrible and costly mistakes by under-rating Japan’s resolve to conquer the Pacific. We should be extremely vigilant regarding any threat today–whether we believe it to be possible or not. That’s called prudence.


There is a big difference between NK & Hitler’s Germany, though. NK’s people have been starving all along, and Hitler’s Germany was prosperous.


Point taken, Susanna, but again, I guess I’m one of those people who would much rather err on the side of being overly cautious than wind up with our pants hanging down around our proverbial ankles! :yes:


BOP, Japan couldn’t bomb Pearl Harbor until they could.


It’s questionable whether or not we let pearl harbor happen.

Our intelligence collecting capabilities are much better now than then. I think one is hard pressed to draw similarities between pearl harbor and nk launching a nuclear weapon that is also very likely to be destroyed in mid-air.


Germany’s prosperity under Hitler came at the expense of others, same with Japan just prior to Pearl Harbor.


BOP, your post is very innaccurate. Their last successful missile test verified they could indeed hit CONUS. Furthermore, a nuke does not need to be attached to anything. Place it into a shipping container and pull into a harbor with a cargo vessel. Or, a small submarine. << It even works for drug dealers.


They won’t launch their missile at us in the hopes of hitting something. And yes, you’re right on the second bit. No disagreement there


What makes you think that they won’t launch a missle at us in the hopes of hitting something? These are crazy, fanatical America-hating mongrels! I just don’t understand the attitude of nothing being concerned about this.


I don’t agree. The North Korean government blusters a lot and starves their people for their military ambitions, but they’re not like Iran; they have a sense of self-preservation.


Our intelligence collecting capabilities worked really good in Benghazi, huh? Intelligence is worthless if it’s not acted on.


Sooner or later there will be one of those maniacal, “Kill a bunch of people and commit suicide” crazies with nuclear weapons. It’s just a matter of time.


[quote=“BullsOnParade, post:13, topic:37944”]
They won’t launch their missile at us in the hopes of hitting something. And yes, you’re right on the second bit. No disagreement there
[/quote]If someone had a gun and threatened to kill you, and yours, would you bank on them not doing it? That would be foolish.
Anytime a country threatens, we had best listen. If we don’t, and it happens, it will be too late to consider.


Well, that was my point. I HOPE that those who stated that N.Korea is just blowing off hot air are correct. But given the current political climate in the world today, it would be foolish just to chock their threats up to silly nonsense. Maybe that’s what they’re hoping for.


If they had a pistol that has a crooked barrel, a questionably functioning bullet, and were a mile away then yeah I’d take my chances.