This Is What Campus Hysteria Looks Like


It was a story too good to check. The day after some 200 activist students at Vanderbilt Universitymarched into the administration building to deliver their demands for more diversity and inclusivity to the school’s chancellor, the reactionary forces on campus struck back in the most disgusting way possible.
The school’s police department, reported the Vanderbilt Hustler, was “responding to a call reporting a bag of feces that was left at the front door of the Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center” sometime Tuesday. The Hustler quotes the center’s director, Frank Dobson, who urged caution on assigning blame. “There was indeed feces left on the porch. However, Vanderbilt police is investigating the matter and do not wish to label the incident until I get further evidence,” said Dobson.
But the student activist group behind Monday’s protest had a different initial reaction on its Facebook page, as the Hustler noted in its original story posted at 9:22 pm Tuesday:On the Hidden Dores Facebook page, the organization released an official statement, saying that it was “appalled to announce that our demonstration yesterday was met this morning with a vile act.”
It went on to underscore the BCC’s historical importance as a safe haven for the campus’ African American students, noting, “The violation of a place that in many ways is the sole home for many Black students is deplorable.”
“As many of us sit in grief, recognize that these types actions are what we speak of when we note the reality of exclusion and isolation of students of color and specifically Black students on our campus,” the statement said.

The act as described by the group was reminiscent of the infamous swastika painted on a bathroom wall with human feces at the University of Missouri. It seemed no campus was safe.
The Hidden Dores’s original Facebook post now appears to have been deleted. Why? It turns out there was more to the story than racism at Vanderbilt.
In an 11:34 pm update to the story, the Hustler reported the police department had concluded its investigation and found “no criminal or malicious intent” behind the bag of feces. “The investigation found the bag was inadvertently left by an individual with a service dog who was authorized to be in the building who could not find a trash can near the entrance and did not wish to take the bag inside,” read a university statement.
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