This is why we just filed a criminal complaint against Brett Kavanaugh


I haven’t read the document and don’t care to because I doubt that it will go anywhere!

Whining @$$holes still throwing tantrums!


This is utterly STUPID.


This is just another case of Judicial Tyranny, it may be ignored by the court in this case because they like to pretend that we are still a “Nation of Laws” and the publicity of this crap exposes that fallacy; but this is exactly how the Left use the courts to attack their enemies in spite of the innocence of their enemies.

The courts exist to punish the political enemies of the Left and insure that criminals who threaten the general public are kept in a position to continue their domestic terrorism; a frightened public is a public sympathetic to the idea of a Police/Nanny State.

Nothing new here unless the target is wise enough to completely ignore it and any court that attempts to lend it credibility; I would love to see that but I won’t be holding my breath.