This Michigan Gov Wretched Whitmer

has gone after Karl Manke, 77 year old barber who opened his business using protocols (lol) to prevent infection. First she threatened to send police to arrest him…police said, ‘no’.

So she had her interim director of licensing suspend Mr. Manke’s license to operate his business.

WHO THE HELL does she think she is??

This is why vengeful democrat (b)itches do not belong in positions of power.

and I mean you too Hilliary.


Recall Governor Whitmer

335,526 have signed…vernor-whitmer


Oh, she’ll be okay. She thinks that she is going to run for Vice President with Joe Biden … when hell freezes over.

A woman like this give talented women in government, and there are many, a bad name.


She’s the worst of all. Signs were there last year with her reaction to the so-called EVALI vaping epidemic that netted 65 deaths and has killed no one since I think around December because the THC industry black and legal market, took care of the actual thing that was killing marijuana vapers – not nicotine vapers. By executive orders, she banned flavored nicotine e-liquids and criminalized having more than four flavored e-liquids as intent to distribute as intent to sell. Her response to COVID-19 is absolutely out of line, and trying to make the protests about race is just plain stupid.


Protestors gathering at capitol and elsewhere. She says they’re actually Trump rallies. This woman is so hatefilled. She needs to go.

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She will be running for President along with AOC in 2024.

I lived in Michigan for a number of years and I can tell you that Michigan has never had a good governor. Then there was Kwame Kilpatrick mayor of Detroit. I believe the State is pretty much a left-wing Marxist place.

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Ive no doubt that this nation will eventually go way left and on the side of satan.

is that from corrupt pols and vote fraud?

Stupid voters or lack of interest?

Leftist must love how they have prevailed over a lackadaisical public.

My guess is Michigan’s problems stem from the millions of UNIONISTS who Iive there because of the moribund auto industry. Remember that thousands of them took the ferry across Lake Michigan into Milwaukee and through the Upper Peninsula to Northern Wisconsin and “registered” to vote in an effort to unseat Wisconsin’s Governor Walker.

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I hope many with some sense see their mistake in doing that seeing how this Wretched Whitmer is behaving.

Unfortunately, the liberal Marxists in Michigan don’t learn very quickly. I don’t know about the unionists, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

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Marxists never learn anything because they view everything through ideological glasses. They are robots. If any of them cease to be robots, they must go to “re-education camps.”


Ahhhh, a little bit of scientology there!