This new software

…doesn’t work. It’ s not worth the trouble.

It’s different, and I’m still sorting out some functions; but it does work when you start figuring out what’s what, and the change was necessary for security reasons.

I’m not stupid but I can’t figure it out.

I haven’t figured it all out. Somewhere around here, I understand there’s a tutorial for the software. Is there something in particular that’s giving you a headache?

The impossibility of having a quote show in a response for starters.

The trick to that is to highlight the actual text in the post you want to quote; above the highlighted text will then appear a rectangular sort-of button with the word “quote.” Click on that, and it will call up a posting text box with the quote already tagged, and attributed to the person whose post it was; all you have to do is type your reply below the closing quote tag.

Note that your reply must be below the quote tag; unlike vBulletin, if anything is on the same line with either the opening or closing quote tags, the quote is corrupted when you post it; the preview box to the right of the posting box will show you if everything is in order.


But no one has replied to any of my posts. Do I have to pick a setting so I view replies?

Not so far as I know. I do know that the new admin (his screen name is, in fact, RO_Admin) replied to the thread you just started in the Cigar Lounge. Are you talking about the replies themselves, or e-mail notifications for replies? I believe there are settings for the latter (although my issue was turning them off, not on).