This picture is genuinely funny

Set aside the politics of this picture for just a second and let’s have a moment just to take in the humor in this pic…

Did I miss something?

Can we keep the politics out of it?

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yeah. these guys are the most unlikely black panthers evah.

Maybe Black panties…and they aren’t wearing any.

and as I mentioned before…that’s a pawn shop in the background.

Acctually this is a different pic in a different place, but I’m curious, why is it worth mentioning that there is a Pawn Shop in the background?

because it is likely on MLK Blvd. at the car wash.

I just found this. I love it. I"m gonna show this to The Captain so that he can do this over the door of his garage.

now THIS is funny. this woman is a MO Ron. yeah…that was funny about the eyelashes but the crocheted mask is what i’m getting at. Seeing as the covid 19 germ is soooooo teensy…does she really think this is protecting her? i’ll lay odds she does. Unbelievable ignorant. Beauty does not always possess brains. Most often not.

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II was in DC the other day and there was a woman ALONE in her car, with the windows rolled up wearing surgical gloves and not one mask, but two, one surgical mask, and an N95 respirator.

I took a pic of her with the gloves and surgical mask, but after I took the pic she put on the respirator but the light turned green before I could get another pic. My daughter and I were cracking up.