This President is Unique and what we need

I was just thinking this morning…Joe is a perfect example of politicians. Can you name any politicians that has not enriched himself at our expense? Do any of them give their salary away to worthy causes that benefit americans? and this goes for both sides. They come into office promising integrity and honesty and they end up multi millionaires. They think up ways to hold onto their positions, ways to set their children in anonymous unelectable positions of authority over us thus building a politically elite dynasty for their own families AT OUR EXPENSE. Then they come up with ideas to limit our freedom, indeed confiscate our freedom and set themselves OVER US when they are supposed to be OUR servants. LOLOL

Someone has said that man is innately good. No they’re not. A decent person comes into political power and suddenly their whole focus is on themselves, their family fortune, their family’s position for dynastic purposes. Using our money and their insider position to enrich themselves. BOTH SIDEs but in particular democrats who CLAIM to be for the little guy but we’ve learned that is not the case. Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I think this is a good part of why the left and some of the right hates this president so. He upends their golden apple cart. HE GIVES his salary to good causes…causes that Americans deem worthy. He doesn’t feel compelled to enrich himself because he IS rich and a businessman and a capitalist who appreciates the system. His inauguaral address put the political elite presidents on notice that the jig is up. Indeed all democrats and many republicans knew that someone was coming…justice was coming. HELL was coming…for them. and they had to stop this president…hence…the hell the left has put us through for the past 3 years.

Yes. THIS PRESIDENT is a unique individual…one that is rare and especially rare TODAY.


Amen, @Caroline!

I’m eager to see what happens when indictments start being issued. An awful lot of Republicans are cynical and don’t believe anyone will ever be punished. But the president sure sounds like he’s serious, so I think some high-level people really will end up in jail.

I’ll bet there will be a roar of approval when there are indictments and trials start. Though they may start out at the bottom to scare little guys into turning states evidence with immunity to get their testimony. That may have the unfortunate appearance of being mousy, which will foster more cynicism.

But in the end, I think we’ll have justice. President Trump’s character strongly suggests it.