This Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants to Give Us All Robot Bodies

“Here” is a funny word. So says Scott Hassan, the media-shy Silicon Valley billionaire who once set out to build the first fully autonomous humanoid robot, and ended up hawking what looks like a flatscreen atop two long legs with wheels. If Hassan has his way, this seemingly simple device—called a Beam—will close the loop between cyberspace and meat-space.
The Beam was designed as a video conferencing tool, allowing instant, face-to-face communication—kind of like FaceTime or Skype, except you can drive the screen on legs around the room remotely, with a keyboard. It could one day become much more. Those with disabilities can have access to a rudimentary body that allows them to go where they otherwise can’t. (Edward Snowden has famously used one in his public appearances.) As Beams proliferate, you could transport yourself over to visit a family member across the country, or to tour Paris or Hong Kong for the afternoon. There has been speculation that the Beam might even eventually sprout arms, making it more like a body. Hassan won’t confirm these rumours, but he won’t deny them either.

This Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants to Give Us All Robot Bodies | Motherboard

Years ago Bruce Willis made a movie called surrogates however the focus was a little different. Visualize using robots via human "beaming " to explore other planets.

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Very cool.

At least till some moron hacks your body.

The only ones that need robot bodies are the people who are unsure which bathroom to enter. :hippy:


This…is kinda the kind of thinking that comes of dope-smoking becoming mainstream.

Wouldn’t really work, unless we proved retro-causality is a thing. Otherwise, it could take 5 minutes just to see your hand move.