This Time .. I Need A Plumbers Help!

I am trying to replace a cartridge in my shower.There is no indication on the cartrdige of model or type.(pictures below)My question: Can I just replace this old one (10-12 years) with another type/model?Thanks

Forgot to ask … Will the Big Box stores carry a replacement?

The answer is no you can not replace one with the other. the best bet is to shut off the water and carefully remove the cartridge and writing down what you did to remove it. There usually is a small clip involved on the front or some sort of nut.

Go to a hardware store like menards or lowes they usually have all kinds and you should be able to match it up.

Looks like the main shower control and a MOEN ceramic valve, bought in any big box stores. With water off, use your Stillson wrench [compression]and turn out. The department manager can immediately match you up. Taking it home put a 2 wrap Teflon tape around the threads and replace the valve, tightly but gently. test for leaks and replace escutcheon and handle .By the way compare it on line, if you can, to be sure before you remove it.