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‘Motelling’ blamed for unreported Woodside death

Basically, a 55 year old guy died in a motel, of natural causes, but since he was in the hotel for work reasons the CFMEU is blaming the employer. They are having a go at Worksafe for not investigating, Worksafe are saying “But he wasn’t working, what do you want us to do? Idiots!” or something to that effect.

                        The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has pointed the  finger at poor accommodation rules  as being in part to blame for death  going unreported for so long and wants WorkSafe to investigate. WorkSafe, however, is unsure whether it can investigate. Since the man is believed to have died of natural causes  and was found in accommodation, it was not considered a work-related  death, WorkSafe spokeswoman said.
          It was up to police to investigate the death and prepare a report for the State Coroner.
                        Yet the matter has angered the man's colleagues and the  CFMEU said it was unacceptable that the employer did not show proper  duty of care by checking up on their worker. The man, who is said to have a brother who works in the  Pilbara region as a fly-in fly-out worker, had volunteered to work over  the Christmas break...

“Our regulations apply to people working alone or working in remote areas. If you can’t get in contact you have to go and look for them,” the spokeswoman said.
“But this doesn’t fit since the camp is within the boundaries of the town - it’s not a remote location.”

                        Mr Buchan said it wasn't good enough. "WorkSafe should not be looking to little loopholes to  get them out of it. The Occupational Health and Safety Act says that  employers are to provide accommodation and their duties are to ensure  their workers are cared for," he said.
                        The WorkSafe spokeswoman said however, the work safety watchdog was only able to investigate within its own regulations. Mr Buchan said the CFMEU, together with the Australian  Manufacturing Workers Union, would continue to lobby WorkSafe and would  not give up the fight.

Background info, accomodation for workers is a massive problem here so that’s why he was staying in a motel. There’s not a lot companies up north can do in the meantime to alleviate it without building actual cities in the remote NW but that’s not going to happen…keeping up with demand is the priority and it’s hard enough to do that atm.

Unions are looked on with much scorn here even by the left. They’re a joke…which is why this article was printed i’ll bet lol I was told by a friend up there that they went on strike once because the caffeteria had the wrong flavour of icecream! I didn’t believe him but he swore it was true lol


Our Unions have the same neurotic belief, everything including dying of natural causes in bed is the companies fault.

Hard to believe they can keep a straight face when they make these claims but I guess a history of always getting what you want will skew your concept of right and wrong.

I guess if the guy had choked on a chicken bone at the restaurant next to the motel it would have been the companies fault for not having a nurse standing by the table ready to perform the Heimlich Maneuver.


nobody really listens to them anyways :slight_smile: only when it’s obviously right, what they’re saying. There have been a few negligent cases where people have died, BHP shut down a site a few years ago with a bad safety record, was horrible.

That mate I mentioned before, with the pay rise (truck driver) was talking about his site, there’s been 30 ‘incidents’ since december already. Near-misses. I asked him why and he goes “Well, you’re not really getting doctors and lawyers driving HaulPacks are ya?” haha. So not the companies fault…but as a result anyone on the ground has to stay at least 100 m from the haulpacks at all times or something (can’t remember exactly what he said about that! Not relevant to me in any way lol) because apparently they drive over people & cars very easily


Oh yeah, the quickest way to get fired in a quarry here is to wander near the haul road where the trucks are running. Too much dust in the air (and on the windows) and rough dirt roads make it hard to spot a person who is wandering around in a truck lane.

Mining is dangerous on its best day, anyone adding to the risk by not thinking or not paying attention is run off before they kill themselves or someone else.

Unless it is a Union mine, then everyone is incompetent and they only get half the production per man due to all the regulations meant to replace common sense.

And regulation never makes up for idiocy.


lol driving along whistling while a small bump indicates you’ve just gone over a bus or something…

yep we have the same dust problem. Do you guys pour water everywhere in the name of safety or do your environazis disallow it?


I’ve seen trucks spraying water around construction sites to reduce dust.


[quote=“jez_24, post:5, topic:28804”]
lol driving along whistling while a small bump indicates you’ve just gone over a bus or something…

yep we have the same dust problem. Do you guys pour water everywhere in the name of safety or do your environazis disallow it?
[/quote]I worked in a quarry for a short time. I was a security guard.


The ways union are now… It is quite horrendous, they don’t much care much about people, they only care about their own bottoms.