This week's google goggle

I wish to point out to the intelligentsia on this line that “GOOGLE” has done gone and did it again: aggrieved and infuriated me! How so, you ask. When absent-mindedly enroute to the good old REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE site, I used the search engine and what do you think I saw? Under the word GOOGLE on their home page, is a little line that says something like :“LOVE WHO YOU LOVE”. With a standard Senatorial responsibility to investigate EVERYTHING , I did… the site to which I was directed showed a full page LGBT pervert’s flag. Within is more easily accessed tripe. Now, don’t ya know, I am agin’ perversion of all types, and wish to remind you and ,apparently myself, why I am trying to remember to boycott GOOGLE…
And on a like subject, BING has their pithy little “news” blip on their home page…always leftist oriented, LGBT positive ditties.
Now, am I just being overly concerned? Or is CONSPIRACY at work???:freaked:

Senator Filibuster Foghorn
PS I have considered my ways and am no longer a loather of the modern English…leaving the “EVIIL UNION” is a good move and has enraged B.O., so more power to them.

Yeah, they’ve got some stupid “celebrate pride” thing on Yahoo, too.