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A close friend of mine, whom I met at Stanford decades ago, is a chaired professor of history at an Ivy League school - he is a staunch Conservative (a rare breed), consequently the identity of his school and the chair he holds will remain with me. My friend is finally retiring next year.

We spoke by phone late last night - about many issues, current and historical. Of course, Hillary Clinton’s email server came up, as did her rigged convention - rigged with the help of the DNCs Debbie Wasserman-Schultz - who upon resigning as DNC Chair, landed another job, working this time in the open on Clinton’s campaign staff.

It was at this point in the discussion with my friend that he uttered what I found to be a most profound summation of where we would be as a country should Hillary Clinton actually be elected President of the United States.

He said, should Hillary be elected we will accurately be judged to have been transformed into a second rate country, defended at home and abroad by first rate people; a country saddled with a third rate voter base who decided it was OK for their homeland to be run by unindicted criminals.

Thought I would share this.


That’s true regardless of who wins. Plenty of Trump’s own associates, the people he’ll appoint to staff positions, are criminals, and whether he himself should be considered on depends solely on your POV as to property rights.


AS - Trump is a miserable candidate in many ways - Favoring the KELO decision is one of them - but, that does not make him a criminal; it makes him wrong. That said, I don’t recall that he has ever escaped criminal indictment because his political party’s Justice Department had the "FIX " in. BTW - as to your secondary comment, has he announced who will make up his cabinet/advisors? No.


Something that always bothered me about the left is their believe that they must demonize all who oppose them. The right used to not do that. Just saying…


When you have the “education system,” media, entertainment community and bureaucracy all on your side, parroting your demonizations, it WORKS. Otherwise, the Democrats would have died out decades ago.


Neither side is pure as the driven snow, but when defending Democrats one is forced to eat “yellow snow” often and in large quantities - if you catch my drift.


Your friend is dead on.

Having said that, it begs the question as to how and why some many people are so stupid as to buy into the Dims thinking???


Don, it takes effort for people to gather and analyze available information - determining what is just “noise”/BS and what is fact. It takes further effort to contemplate how the facts fit together and then to formulate rational, fact-based conclusions leading to a judgement regarding what action/position is most appropriate/beneficial.

Many/most people either don’t have the time or are simply unwilling/intellectually unable to put in the effort necessary to gather, contemplate and process available information.

Couple the above with complicit media often acting as party cheerleaders and a Left-Wing education system. Viewed through that paradigm, turning out Progressives becomes less complicated.

If you think there is currently an abundance of “misinformed”, low-information people, just wait until the Democrats begin footing the bill using tax money for EVERYONE to attend their indoctrination centers, hotbeds of unrest and anarchy - our colleges and universities.

Our founders noted that our form of government has as its foundation a well informed citizenry. I’ll leave it to those on this site to judge for themselves the nature of our citizenry.


I have a cousin in Kentucky who was, for several years, a State Senator there. He has the distinction of being the first political candidate (vying for an open US Senator seat) to have the technique known as “morphing” to be used in an ad against him. The ad showed his face morphing into that of Bill Clinton as both were liberal Democrats. He complained to me (after he lost) that the “morphing” ad was somehow “unfair.” I asked him if it ever occurred to him that he lost the election–not because of that ad–but because, as a State Senator, he’d voted to raise taxes 76 TIMES!


**I asked him if it ever occurred to him that he lost the election–not because of that ad–but because, as a State Senator, he’d voted to raise taxes 76 TIMES! **
And there you have it. Democrats don’t “see or understand” that people don’t want to earn money just so the government can take it (& spend it unwisely). Pappadave I bet that thought never crossed his mind. I do wonder, did he have a comeback?


Because there are two teams just the way it works in football, and if the other team wins, it will be the end of America. So not “playing” for your local team is the same as “playing” for the other team.