Thoughts on this? Russian or Democrat?



The two things aren’t all that far apart, after all. Democrats have MUCH more in common with Russians than Republicans do…and have for about 100 years now. Remember in the 30’s when our own Democrats were HIDING Stalin’s atrocities from the American people? Remember when FDR had KNOWN communists “advising” him? Remember when the Democrats DESTROYED a Senator whose “sin” was exposing the communists in our own government…ACCURATELY as it turned out?


While I fully understand the sarcasm of these gentlemen’s statement, it is a very bad idea. The left and the MSM will say: “See, see, we told you so, they really are working with the Russians to destroy our democracy.”


As others alluded to, it’s not much of an either/or. The Democrats are the party of socialism. The Republicans are not (or at least they pretend not to be).


I suppose the senator to whom you are referring was Joe McCarthy. Joe McCarthy did not expose any Communists in our government. He was drunken lose cannon whose reckless rhetoric and baseless accusations did considerable damage to the anti-communist cause. He gave conservatism a bad name.

If you want to talk about a senator who exposed a communist, talk about Richard Nixon. He exposed Alger Hiss and was right on the money.

And yes, there were communists advising FDR. One of them may have been his second vice president, Henry Wallace. If Wallace wasn’t a communist, he was at best a fool when it came to dealing with Stalin and the Soviet Union. We were very lucky that the Democrats got him off the ticket in 1944 and replaced him with Harry Truman.


in a day not too far in the future, the Democrats will change their name to the “Social Democratic Party.” The young Communists are taking it over, and at least you can say one good thing about them. They are 100% honest about what they are and what they want to do.


Yes, he was an alcoholic, I know that from personal experience. He was however responsible for driving many communists out of the State Department.*** Read M. Stanton Evans book for the real story.

*** Unfortunately most of them were driven into the open arms of our colleges and universities where the infection they started has come to full bloom today.


BS. Sendgop. McCarthy never accused a single person of being a communist OR a communist sympathizer who was ultimately found to be INNOCENT of that charge…not a single one. The Verona Papers showed that the VAST majority of those McCarthy accused were PRECISELY what he said they were. Too bad it took until the fall of the USSR for us to find this out, though. Read Ann Coulter’s book on the subject sometime. It is FULL of legitimate, well-researched data including PAGES of footnotes. McCarthy only became a drunk when he was attacked from all sides by the left-wing press and ultimately lost his seat in the Senate because of those attacks.


Guilty until proven innocent, is it?


Why didn’t you post the ENTIRE comment, AS? The opening of Soviet archives PROVED that those he accused were, in fact, EXACTLY what he accused them of being.


Funny, I don’t remember Charlie Chaplin ever being indicated… and yet he was also accused.




“Indicated?” What does Charlie Chaplin have to do with McCarthy’s accusations against GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES? He was never in government.


That he also made against celebrities; don’t pretend you don’t know about this Dave. HUAC was not just a probe of the Government.


HUAC had nothing to do with McCarthy, AS. It stands for HOUSE Unamerican Activities Commission. McCarthy was A SENATOR! HELLO!


I think it might be time to bring HUAC back.