True enough.

I don’t see the sides as equal by any means. BLM actually wants cities to cut police budgets. They want less police, and they’re demanding it by rioting. It would be a big understatement to call that counter productive.

The thug cops that held George Floyd down and knelt on his neck had to be fired and prosecuted. But they were and they are. BLM won. So why are they still protesting and potentially rioting?

The other side is the side for law and order. The side that says private property matters too.

I didn’t understand why President Trump did that at first, but talking it over with you has made it crystal clear. The rioters BURNED that historic church, so much more than just a building. That demands a response. President Trump responded by walking over there and holding up the Bible. Simple. Symbolic. He knew that it would be enough because the media would be apoplectic.

As for the police action, it turns out that AG Barr had ordered an expanded security zone earlier in the day, but the police dragged their feet in enforcing it. So when he went out there and they still hadn’t done it, he said chop chop, come on, let’s get moving. That gave the appearance of clearing a path for the president.

But so what? The agitators got to protest all day, the president just needed a few minutes. They weren’t prevented from assembling (in spite of covid), they were just prevented from assembling right there, right then.

And yes, I remember ol’ Dukakis. He taught us what a landslide rout is.

Reminds me of an incident that happened In November 1938. It was called “Kristallnacht”.


Ahhh, who are you referring to as “CT”??

Just wanted to point out that I believe the rioters and looters were not prompted by what they perceive as injustice. They were motivated by greed as is clearly seen in the many videos of the rioting thieves carrying stuff out of the stores. In virtually all riots and lootings, it’s the same response. Busting up businesses and stores. Can’t remember where or when, but a few years ago in a similar circumstance black business owners put signs on their doors and windows “Black owned business” in the hopes that that would deter the thugs from busting up their stores/businesses. It did not.

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Who is that guy in the picture? He looks familiar. Oh. Dukakis. Geesh, isn’t he dead?

The mayor says BLM owns the streets.

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All democrat mayors and governors are giving them the streets.

And I see town after town of citizens…even hells angels and the mongols driving them out of town and/or telling them…don’t come here…and anteefa cancels. GOOD thinking on their part. WHO would have thought that Hells angels and The mongols would be doing the job that the dam democrat mayors won’t/can’t do.

Who are you referring to as “mongols?”

I have never heard anyone say that bibles shouldn’t be held upside down, probably because Christians are always happy to see people carrying their bible; plus they are not stupid.

Rioters burned that church because the Left have no argument besides censorship, destruction and fear; the protesters Rights end the moment they resort to violence.

Calling these scumbags “peaceful protesters” because they lit the fire earlier is just as stupid a comment as we have become used to expecting from these intellectual cowards.


Christianity Today

Some are, some are not. Protestors don’t all fall neatly into a single group.

I am not referring to protesters but to those thugs and thieves rioting and looting in the name of equality and justice.

I am getting very tired of this demonstration nonsense. Floyd was murdered by a stupid policeman who should have off the force. His death deserved to be noted, but it should also be noted that less than 20 (Some stats say less than 10.) unarmed Blacks were killed by police in 2019. Some of those people physically attacked the police before they were killed, which begs the question. How far should one be allowed to go before a policeman is allowed to respond to protect themselves? The number of unarmed White people killed by the police is more than double the number Blacks.

These statistics show that deaths of unarmed Blacks are rare and not limited to Blacks. The point has been made, and reforms like no more chokeholds are warranted. Other BS, like abolishing the police or cutting their budgets to the bone, is left-wing garbage. Like a commentator said 50 years ago, “Next time you are in trouble, call a hippie,” or now perhaps a demonstrator or a looter.

George Floyd was a victim, but he was no saint. He was brought in for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. I’ve seen a mural of him depicted has an angel with a halo over his head. Enough!

We have spent millions of dollars controlling peaceful demonstrators and have sustained hundreds of millions of dollars in losses from looting, arson and mayhem. The death toll, inclining the murder of a Black security guard, has to have reached at least 10. It’s time for the demonstrators to go home, especially in view of the risks connected with re-spreading the current pandemic. Three months of lock down could be going down the drain.

The left thinks they have won, but they are wrong. Their overreaction and the resulting “reforms,” including bowing down to Blacks, when you, personally have done nothing wrong, is going to make race relations worse, not better. You can’t control people’s undying emotions.

This nonsense has gone on for long enough, but I fear that it will last at least until the November elections. As Rom Emanuel famously said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

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They’re a motorcycle gang in Cailfornia.

You should read what their CREED is. It’s in the article somewhere.
It looks like something we should all aspire to.

LOL. The ONLY people “casting stones” are the rioters…the evil-doers, if you prefer.


So let’s have a serious conversation because I think the issue is much more complicated than either side makes it out to be.

Let’s take the following statistic: Black people were 24% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population.

Now, we’d probably agree that, as a percentage of the population by race, blacks are more likely to commit crimes.

But Whites are a MUCH larger percentage of the population, thus, without looking, I’d guess there are at least as many whites that commit violent crimes as blacks. In other words (just to be clear), There are 46 million blacks in the country and 197,000,000 whites.

Now without me looking it up (I will if necessary) if there are 4 times more white people, even if they commit crimes at a rate 4 times lower, then there are the same number of blacks and whites committing crimes yet if you are black, you are 3 times more likely to be shot and killed.

Now that said, any intelligent conversation about this would require that we really understand more about each situation. For instance, you are 3 times more likely to be shot and killed in Oklahoma than in Milwaukee, despite the fact that the crime rate in Milwaukee is 2 times higher.

Let me finish by asking a simple honest question.

What would you have to see in order to determine that, perhaps, there is a problem when it comes to how police treat black people in particular. And please, we know and agree that police brutality and accountability is a problem for everyone, but I’m asking, when is it disproportional a problem based on race?

His criminal past is COMPLETELY irrelevant when considering how he died. It doesn’t matter if he was a murderer or child molester. Cops are not allowed to execute, torture or “rough people up” because of their criminal past (unless force is necessary to arrest people). While it may bring us a little catharsis watching bad people get what they deserve, the problem with this is that police often make mistakes when handing out “steer justice” and people that don’t deserve to be hurt are hurt.

Remember, that the stats we’re looking at are only with respect to killing, not being harmed or even people who are treated unfairly. In my own anecdotal experience growing up in Boston mass as a teen in the 1980’s, I had several black friends and I can tell you for a FACT that the cops were MUCH more likely to hassle me when I was with my black friends. I mean, it’s not even CLOSE. I can’t remember ever being questioned by cops with my white friends when doing nothing wrong, but on several occasions were questioned and hassled by cops when I was with a predominantly black crowd.

That said, I will agree that when things like this happen, the people often held up as martyrs are often people of who have checkered pasts (to put it nicely) and that is unfortunate because it sends a really mixed message.

So what do you think, I’m I wayyyy off here?

I see. Sort of like the infamous “Bandidos?” One of my classmates, a guy raised in a household that was, if anything, even poorer than my own, died a few years back in my old hometown of Indianapolis. I didn’t find out about it for several weeks after his death. Sam and I were friends in school–largely because no one else would be his friends. He was grossly overweight, had snaggled teeth, wore stained and torn clothes to school and sometimes smelled bad. He played tackle on our football team and I helped him with his schoolwork so he’d remain eligible and when he graduated, he was the first male member of his family ever to receive a HS diploma! 14 years after graduation, I ran into him accidentally at a bar while on a visit with my parents. I didn’t recognize him at first. He’d lost about 100 pounds, gotten his teeth fixed and was neatly dressed. We chatted for over an hour–mostly me answering HIS questions. At our 30th HS reunion, I asked about him and was told that he was doing time in the federal pen on some sort of a fraud charge! After I learned of his death, in speaking with a mutual friend on the phone, I learned that his father had worried about paying for his funeral as he was still poor, but that the Bandidos had driven in a mile-long “caravan” of motorcycles to Indianapolis from their HQ in Dayton, Ohio, took Sam’s body back to Dayton and had him interred in a cemetery there that the Bandido’s OWN! Seems that Sam was, at one time, one of the LEADERS of that outlaw motorcycle gang and the “fraud” he did time for was a drug-related mail fraud charge on behalf of the Bandidos! I couldn’t be more surprised!

BS. In 2019, there were NINE unarmed blacks shot and killed by police and over 27 unarmed WHITE people shot and killed by police. How are blacks “3 time times more likely” to be killed by police than whites? Especially true when you consider that blacks commit roughly 60% of the violent crime in this country even though they comprise a mere 13% of the population!

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That’s the nominal figure, I thought it would be obvious that the figure would be leveled for the population difference. Further, I would never look at any single year and claim it is a representative sample. The stats I’m giving you are per 1 million people from 2013 to 2019 in which blacks are killed at a rate of 6.6 per million vs 2.5 per million for whites. That’s a little less than 3 times higher.

…which IGNORES the FACT that blacks are responsible for over 60% of the violent crimes in this country–or over 4 TIMES what would be expected given their population.

And without looking I’d guess that people who are at low income levels are more likely to commit crime. And, you guessed it, blacks are more likely to have lower incomes and higher rates of unemployment.

Now unless you believe that blacks are just, as a race, dumber than whites, then perhaps you’ve landed on the real problem. Poverty. So if you want to address the problem of crime in the black community, perhaps the way to start is to figure out how to get more black people out of poverty?

adding to Pappadave’s very good response.


That said, there may be some evil-doers out there, but as Jesus said, let he that is without sin cast the first stone.

I have something to say about this csb interpretation.

First or all, he NEVER said, ‘there may be some evil doers out there’. LOLOL he said we are ALL Sinners…>But he had plenty of advice for those who follow him. Like not to lie…lilke you are doing. Not to add to or take from God’s word…which you just did and there is a penalty for that.
3rd. He said not to hang with bad companions. To be discerning.

[Psalm 11:5]

The Lord tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the one who loves violence.

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