I have been often told the Trump crowd is not pro-Putin. And yet…

I think we can all read between the lines. nod nod wink wink and whatever fascist BS Peterson is grifting today.

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Why? He’s repeating statements both Mershimier and Peter Zeihan have made, the latter whom has echoed words from people in our own State department. “We are worried we’re pushing the Russians into a corner”.

Zeihan takes a similar stance to “think about the war after the war”. What happens if humiliation goes too far?

Neither of those men are fascist, so why would Peterson be by extension?

People of goodwill can think we messed something up with the Russians.

The point Peterson is making, is that we disregarded the Russian interest in too cavelier a manner, as this is a war we are not prepared to fight, and it will end up costing the lives of more than >150 million people when it’s all said and done. The gravity of that has to be weighed.

Equally, Pre-modern thinking isn’t fascist by default. That’s an error. And to understand the Russian context, it’s a gravely anachronistic one.

And I do mean Russian, not just Putin.
Orthodox Faith is in play here. It’s not just another flavor of Christianity they happen to have; traditionally, Russia sees itself as the last bastion of True Christendom, the last Rome.

They perceive, accurately, that the post modern trends working their way through Western Nations is a threat to their own Grand Narrative, to their maps of meaning, as well as being a throwback to part of what they experienced under the Soviets.

They want to insulate themselves from that, and to do that, they want both national and economic security. The problem is in how they’ve sought that out, falling back on old imperial habits.

Russian leadership laments how poorly the Brezhnev and Gorbachev eras understood economics. And yet they’ve done almost as badly, trying to propagate a (coerced) mercantile, client state model.

It’s a dead end, and they just haven’t woken up to that. They’re prepared to expend blood & treasure
shoring up this failing model.

So what do we do in the face of that? Knowing that Russia has resources that could extend the conflict for years, with those aforementioned consequences to the world in tow?

If there’s one thing I would criticize Peterson on, it’s that he doesn’t mention the Russia-China alliance. That’s germane if were talking about hypocrisy, and cultural trends aping a resergent Stalinism, which China never fully relinquished. That relationship has also had deleterious effects on Russia and their security, but they allow it out of necessity.

I guess we all can’t read between the lines.

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