Thousands and thousands watched Trump's rally on YouTube today


I just watched the Trump rally in Fort Myers, FL on YouTube on the Right Side Broadcasting channel.

The “watching now” number got up to 42,312 on that channel alone! Plus I know of two other channels that usually carry Trump rallies live. Plus the Germain Arena holds 8500+ people. Plus there were “thousands” outside that couldn’t get in. Plus FoxNews usually carries the rallies live.

Earlier today I watched Hillary’s thing live on YouTube and her “watching now” number never got up to 40. Less than 40! Poor old Hillary.

People talk about the “enthusiasm gap”, but most people have no idea.


Less than 40! Poor old Hillary.
Now don’t feel to sorry for her. She can always go back to her little shack & only come out to give $250,000 speeches every now & then. Plus just maybe the Clinton Foundation will invest in some island somewhere (maybe Australia) & let her live there. Probably her only real problem is being alone because Bill is out making deposits around town. (wink).
Joke going around when Bill was the Pres:
Out of 10,000 randomly chosen women from 50 states the question was asked: Would you have sex with Bill Clinton? Fifty two percent of them answered…No, not again.


Let her go to Australia! It’s the PERFECT place for her. EVERYTHING there is poisonous…even the ONLY poisonous mammal in existence that can threaten humans! Even their ANTS will kill you!


Hillary I don’t think she can win as you look across America, that said I think she will win, because she will win at the ballot box, wait and see…


The layout of the Electoral College plus voter fraud will put her over the top. Fox News did an electoral map analysis last night. They made some really optimistic assumptions, like Trump was going take most all of the swing states including Florida and Ohio. They came to the conclusion that the election come down to New Hampshire, which Fox gave to Hillary giving her a three electoral vote margin. This was the optimistic accessment.

Keeping Hillary out of the White House will very difficult.


I wonder how things will change if she has another seizure during a debate.


I can see it now. She will be up there debating and suddenly head snap back so hard it will make her nose bleed, mouth agape, eyeballs standing out on stems, pupils like pinpoints and her body shakin harder than a dog trying to pass a peach pit. Visualize it!