Thousands of Americans Will Scream Helplessly at the Sky on Trump's Election Anniversary


I’m reserving my celebration for the night of his re-election.




I may go out and empty a magazine or two into the sky. Don’t worry, it’s safe where I live.


I have an illegal alien coworker from El Salvador, who calls Donald Trump “My President”. Virtually everyday he sees me, he does this. He wouldn’t bat an eye at this chart.


This screaming stuff got me to looking for this:
(All because of a nut) :upside_down_face:
Gotta turn up the volume! :smile:


This and the president’s tweets are why I am happy Trump won the election. It doesn’t get funnier.

Gonna have to come up with better causes than this. Women already have gender equality and inclusion. Morons. The travel ban? if it were about Muslim-majority nations, it would include many more nations in the list. Of course, in those Muslim-majority nations, the women in the previous sentence would face a lot of actual gender “inequality.” So go on, ladies, defend those Muslim-majority nations. Morons.


For conservatives (even those of us who still aren’t Trump fans), the event will be called: “Helplessly laugh our posteriors off…”


Or maybe: “Helplessly screaming: ‘Are you crapping me?!’”