thread summary

what is the purpose of a thread summary? who does it and what triggers it"?

I don’t even know what in the world it is. :awkward:

i should have said topic review. my bad.

its actually a very cool feature.

Still not sure what it is.

Where is this?

“Topic Review” is available when you click “Reply to Thread” and then do “Go Advanced” for the editor. At the bottom of the page, right below your input box, is a “Topic Review” which shows posts from the thread for you to review.

When you do a normal “Quick Reply” you still have the thread in front of you, hence no need for it.

But when you are in “Advanced Reply” mode you might like to review a few of the posts – hence why it’s there.

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Somehow this seemed like the OP was referring to some kind of abridged synopsis of the posts (probably because of the word “summary” . . . and no, PR, I’m not attacking you. Indeed you revised the phrasing to reflect “Topic review”).

I recognize what you’re talking about now that WIJG has explained it . . . just never noticed the heading “Topic review”. Rather, I just have observed the reiteration of the posts, which I agree is a good feature when in “Advanced”.

Nevertheless, the reason I couldn’t get my head around this is that I kept looking for some kind of comprehensive “wrap up” of the thread, and couldn’t find it. One big question I had in my mind was “Who writes this summary, IF it exists?”

NOBODY writes ANYTHING except what the individual poster wrote as posts.

Okay, I know what you’re talking about now. I didn’t notice that it had a name…

Yes, the topic review is composed of excerpts.

my apologies. even if I didn’t have a clear answer (that’s why I asked the question), I coulda written a clear question.

what is the purpose of a thread summary?

I guess to help us forgetful people know what we’re replying to. :redface:
Although I’ve never paid it any attention.

who does it and what triggers it?

It’s built into this software, an automatic display of the posts in the thread.

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I rely on it a lot, and the link that often appears at the bottom that says: “This thread contains more than 40 posts. Click here to review the entire thread.” Or words to that effect.

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