Three Arguments That Atheism, For All Practical Purposes, Is A Religion


[B] [COLOR="#B22222"] SIZE=3[/SIZE] [/COLOR][/B] Atheists cannot prove using only the scientific method, and with zero reliance on faith, that their held-to-be-true moral code is true. They must believe it to be true by faith, just as all other religious people do. They cannot demonstrate, using nothing but the scientific method, logic, and reason that there is any such thing in the Universe as an objective moral code that exists apart from their own personal subjective opinions. They all die here on the battlefield named Epistomology.

If atheists would agree to classify [B]their entire moral code[/B] as being no more than their subjective opinions and if they will say publically that, [COLOR="#0000FF"]“It is merely my opinion that cold blooded murder for money profit is immoral, but I am not certain that it actually is, it may be quite moral, it might be that the ‘survival of the fittest’ is the true moral truth, and therefore I do not hold that murder for money gain is immoral or wrong to be true for certain, and the same goes for stealing other people’s money”[/COLOR] then I will admit that they are not religious atheists or religious practioners because they clearly need no faith and have no faith. Why not? Because they do not actually believe in anything that requires any faith. All atheists have to do to avoid participating in faith, is sign their names to that blue-ink-statement up there.

I boldly admit up front that I believe murder and stealing are immoral based on faith in God’s word the Bible. The natural world shows me that strong lions kill and eat the weaker prey. I see the “survival of the fittest” as a law of the natural world. The strong survive by preying on the weak. I see that law at work on Wall Street and in Washington and in other capitals of the world. I reject “survival of the fittest” as an immoral law, but I base my rejection of it on faith in God’s word the Bible which says it is an immoral law. I am a man of faith and I admit it. Atheists are also men of faith, but they refuse to admit it.

There is nothing in the natural world that says “survival of the fittest” is immoral, in fact the natural world demonstrates that “survival of the fittest” can be quite beneficial to the strongest individual, and of course on atheism there is never any after-death Judgement Day to be concerned about, and many smart people know how to evade the police and men’s Judgement Day in courts before human judges.

[B][COLOR="#B22222"]I will argue that: Any person who holds as true any metaphysical moral-values code that cannot be demonstrated with certainity to be true using only the scientific method, and without relying to any extent whatsoever on faith, are, for all practical purposes, practicing their religion. A rose by another name is still a rose.

I hold my metaphysical moral code to be true by faith, and so do all atheists, and in that sense any atheists with any type of metaphysical moral code based in faith is practicing their religion.[/COLOR] [/B]

[B] [COLOR="#B22222"] SIZE=3[/SIZE] [/COLOR] [/B] The New Atheists (Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens,and David Silverman,) and their parrots on the Internet do demonstrate, at times, the same fanatical religious zeal as the most rabid religious fundamentalist. See Kennedy’s comments and experience with one of the New Atheists leading spokesman, dirty mouth Bill Maher, my post 14 here:

Here is Kennedy’s (a female) ugly run-in with Atheism’s leading religious spokeman, Bill Maher:

[QUOTE][SIZE=3]"Add to that the intense—even religious—zeal with which many atheists defend their claims. Let me tell you: The angriest ones can be as malicious as a coven of Westboro Baptists at a veteran’s funeral.

Bill Maher himself took five minutes at the end of the next week’s show to rant against anyone who would call atheism a religion.

He added that you were a moron if you believed this (given what he’s called other ladies he disagrees with, I’m thinking I got off pretty easy)."__Kennedy (a female)[/SIZE]

Atheism Is a Religion -

[Jack note: If you want to hear ↑ the filthy name-calling used by one of of Atheism’s leading spokeman, Bill Maher, when he talks about a female he dislikes, you can google “Bill Maher name calling Sarah Palin” ]

[B] [COLOR="#B22222"] SIZE=3[/SIZE] [/COLOR] [/B]The New Atheists are out to win converts to their cause. They are “evangelizing atheists.”

Atheists talk, think, and behave enough-like religionists talk, think, and behave to say that atheism is a religion. And the American culture is beginning to recogonize that fact in spite of atheist’s denials.

The New Atheists have religious zeal and religious fanaticism and they in fact do seek to make converts to their religious belief system.

[QUOTE] [SIZE=3]“Professors of philosophy and religion, Jeffrey Robbins and Christopher Rodkey, take issue with “the evangelical nature of the new atheism,which assumes that it has a Good News to share, at all cost, for the ultimate future of humanity by the conversion of as many people as possible.” They find similarities between the new atheism and evangelical Christianity[/B] and conclude that the all-consuming nature of both “encourages endless conflict without progress” between both extremities.[62]” [/SIZE][/QUOTE]


[SIZE=3]“Sociologist William Stahl notes “What is striking about the current debate is the frequency with which the New Atheists are portrayed as mirror images of religious fundamentalists.” He discusses where both have “structural and epistemological parallels” and argues that “both the New Atheism and fundamentalism are attempts to recreate authority in the face of crises of meaning in late modernity.”[63]”[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

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[quote]Contemporary Atheism has been fueled largely by authors promoting their Atheistic beliefs. In the preface to The God Delusion, Dawkins says,

[B] [COLOR="#B22222"]“If this book works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down.” [/COLOR] [/B]

Dawkins is saying he hopes that his book converts “religious” people to his worldview – exactly what a missionary of any religion hopes to do.

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