Three Blind Mice Costumes Can Be…Problematic


It’s becoming ridiculous how social justice warrior snowflakes’ blood pressure goes through the roof when they see an offensive costume on Halloween. For the record, I would probably laugh if I see a bunch of white people dress up like Chinese railroad workers. There’s nothing offensive about this within normal parameters. Even on the Left, there are some people who are trying to prevent drag queens from participating in certain LGBTQ events because it could be demeaning to trans people. Progressivism is a lifestyle in which pointing out how awful the world is a mandatory exercise. On college campuses, it’s been institutionalized through bias squads, which took note of three blind mice costume made by some students at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (via Heat Street):

This article reminded me that Halloween is not that far off and what will these social justice warriors decide next is offensive to them. What new offensive material can they dig up as justification to destroy the holiday? I am sure someone will decide Halloween is racist. Religious objections will also flourish.

Halloween has changed a lot from when I was young and now there are few to any treat or treaters and attacks have been made on their costumes and even suggestions Halloween not be observed.


Right now they are working on the Gadsden flag and the America flag.

The way communism liberaism works is based upon compromise, allow me to provide an example:

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She no, have not known you long enough.

Well what if I gave you a $100 bucks


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