Three Gorges Dam may collaspe

All three of China’s major rivers are flooding right now.

A dam dating back to the 50s has collapsed in guangxi province. There are actually 1000s of dilapidated dams in China dating back to Mao, which haven’t been properly maintained.

These dams are not the same design as the Three Gorges Dam (the largest dam in the world), but that dam has seen visible deformation as spotted from satellite imagery… and it’s not clear the CCP actually has the situation under control.

The Three Gorges dam started to release flood water after its reservoir rose about 50 feet above its flood line.

It just so happens that if this dam breaks, one of the cities under threat of being flooded, would be Wuhan.

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This is horrible.

One thing I find odd is that they built the dam straight. Most large dams are curved so the pressure of the water tends to compress rather than stretch it. That takes advantage of the fact that concrete has a much greater compressive than tensile strength.

And… it gets worse.

The Chinese Premier brought in Western Hydrologists to evaluate this dam while it was being constructed.

These experts reported back that the steel bars within it did not meet standards for this project.

The Chinese workers response? “Well UR Racist!” . I’m not kidding.

The concrete columns are also not connected to the bed rock, like they’re supposed to, but simply sitting on top of it.

But that’s okay, because as the CCP has told everyone “the dam has only moved by millimetres, and what we see in the satellite imagery, is a problem with the satellite.”

Please God don’t let this be Chernobyl. Even though the regime deserves it, the people don’t. 400 million of them.

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