Three strikes and yer' out . .

  1. Russian meddling in the election . . .

CSB: “Hmmmmm . . . let’s see if this derails Trump.”

“No . . . didn’t work. Let’s try #2”.

  1. Impeachment . . .

CSB: “Hmmmmm . . . doesn’t look like this worked either. Let’s try #3”.

  1. COVID-19 . . .

Any guesses on how this will turn out?


Seems as if the Democrats assume that the American people are too stupid to see through this farce. Then again, judging by how most of us acquiesced to this nonsense, they may be at least partly right.

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“. . . acquiesced . . .”???

We’ve all gotten swept up and pulled into this nonsense and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We have no choice (Well . . . I guess you do. But if you live in a blue state . . . Constitution be damned . . . you’ll likely get arrested if you don’t tow the line. In fact, IIRC, that’s already happened. I hope these protests create successful blue state renegade leftist Governor recalls).

I call it the “Stupid virus” 'cause the idiotic hysteria afflicts STUPID people.

In 4 out of 5 cases the virus is pretty much ho-hum (THAT statistic comes from the CDC).

In other words, the symptoms are mild. So mild that most don’t even know they have it or think they just have a cold.

What the media is NOT saying is that the fatalities have been people who are in poor health already (like me . . . if I got it, it would likely be a death sentence) or whose immune system is not normal (like me again).

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I don’t think so bob unless you have several serious issues. I think I MAY have had it in November-January sometime. Extremely tired, not feeing well…spent a lot of time in bed and had no taste…and WOW…I made it. I think it’s a likely death sentence if you go to the hospital for ANY reason while this is going on.

One of my friend’s father went in for unrelated…with 48 hours they said he had it. THey kept him sedated…is that good for long term kidney and liver function?? And he didn’t…get this…qualify for hydroxychloroquine, remdisivir or plasma with antibodies…but they sure stuck him on that ventilator which my former EMT son says is not good presently or when they take you off it. And i’m not convinced that ventilating does not draw virus deeper into the lungs.
If you get better? it’s no damn thanks to your treatment. It’s through your own sheer will power. Besides… the staff is too busy practicing their dance moves for the next you tube video.

Yes, “acquiesced”. Generally, as a nation, we fell right in line with the propaganda being spouted by our own government “officials”, started wearing masks that are demonstrably INEFFECTIVE (and bitchng when there weren’t enough to go around), uselessly washing our hands or using sanitizer every time we touched something other than our own genitals, closing down our businesses–even though it’s been shown that hasn’t prevented a SINGLE case of Covid, and even putting our nursing-home-bound relatives in the stupid, uncaring hands of morons like Governor Cuomo. We’ve kow-towed to idiots like that stupid slatch Governor in Michigan who so desperately wants to be Biden’s running-mate. And followed the directives of so-called “Doctor” Fauci, who has a vested interest in “discovering” the first “cure” for such a virus in human history. Yes, I’d say we “acquiesced.”

Hey, hi, BobJam! :slight_smile:

I had a similar situation. I went to the hospital 2-1/2 years ago for a period of falling incidents. Before I knew it, I was sedated and intubated. When I finally “woke up” they removed the ventilator and gave me a cock and bull story about how my kidneys were failing, I supposedly had a very mild heart attack, (they told me I didn’t need to see a cardiologist because my “attack” was so mild), and a few other “emergency” problems. When I asked how they knew I had kidney failure and a heart attack their answer to me was “Your numbers were way off.” What the hell are “my numbers”?? I hate hospitals.

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oh Girl…you and I are on the same page on this one.

Sadly Poppadave; we DO have many very stupid people out there as our educational system is slowly indoctrinizing students with their socialist propaganda, and this younger generation has no idea about America, American history, the Constitution, and personal responsibility. This generation of ignoramuses is increasing and unless the older generations stands up and cleans out the schools that teach socialism, we will soon be in the minority.



You have the luxury of rendering judgment on the world outside of Oklahoma because you are protected by a governor (Republican) and legislature (Republican majority) that does not go to extremes (like that Michigan gov).

And yes, I agree . . . you don’t need “protection”. But since you have it, that’s why I say “luxury”.

Now let’s say you don’t have the luxury nor Oklahoma’s pedestal because you live in New York City . . . where de Blasio’s NYPD recently wrestled a gal to the ground in what has become a high profile arrest for . . . NOT WEARING A MASK.

I suspect you’ll still make yourself heard (and I applaud that effort) even if you don’t have Oklahoma’s bully pulpit. The risk, of course, is getting those metal bracelets slapped on and spending some time in the graybar hotel.

Does Oklahoma have COVID-19 issues? Sure.

(Well, more accurately: is Oklahoma addressing PERCEIVED corona virus issues?)

Oklahoma is holding their COVID-19 response down to a low roar (i.e. not going to extremes).

For example, Georgia, Oklahoma and Alaska have begun loosening lockdown orders on their pandemic-wounded businesses. It’s significant that these three states are the only ones in the US to do so.

They’re being criticized for loosening lockdowns too fast . . . by the likes of Fauci clones,

No need to make a rant. You’re preaching to the choir.

Admittedly, I DO have the “luxury” of living in a State with a somewhat sane government locally. However, I have my own issues with our governor and legislature, though not altogether for their response to this so-called “pandemic.” I am proud of the fact that in neither of his elections, did Obama carry a single one of our 77 counties, and that had NOTHING to do with “racism.” Oklahoma has a checkered history in that regard…the Tulsa riots of the 20’s, for example. We’ve had voter ID here for going on 10 years and the first year it was instituted, voter participation by minorities actually went UP which puts the lie to the Democrats’ claim that it’s for the purpose of “voter suppression.” I’ll “rant” when I FEEL like ranting, however. You might think I’m doing so from some “ivory tower”, but I grew up in Indiana–once THE most populated State in the union for KKK membership on a per capita basis. I’ve lived in Texas a mere 2 YEARS after they finally integrated schools and helped raise a young black boy without so much as a murmur of protest from my Texas-born wife or her family. I lived in Kalifornia for a bit over a year in the midst of the rise of the hippie generation and I’ve lived in the Far East for a total of 4 years–2 in Korea and 2 in Vietnam–and took the opportunities available to visit such diverse places as Calcutta and Hong Kong; Tokyo and Sydney. In short, I’ve been around.

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Yes indeed Caroline! I am the “patient-from-hell” whenever I have to go to the hospital. I don’t put up with their nonsense anymore. I’d rather die in my recliner than spend 24 hours in a hospital.