Three Thrilling Pieces Of Music



Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (Name of the song, but trust me, it isn’t boring.

(And you’ll enjoy it more if you turn your speakers up high.)

Sung by the great Spanish tenor Placido Domingo,

** the beautiful powerful-voiced Russian soprano Anna Netrebko, **

and the amazing Mexican tenor Rolando Villazon.

All three have a lot of fun with Dein ist mein Herz, which is a beautiful love song
and all three cut up and have a good time kidding around with the beautiful Anna who
finds herself in the middle of two males, who both want her, and are pulling her back
and forth between them.

The audience has a good time and they laugh along with these three superstars.

I have this DVD, its The Berlin Concert in the outdoor Waldbuhne just outside Berlin.

** Notice how powerful the two tenor voices are and notice how this beautiful Russian
soprano Anna Netrebko holds her own with her amazing beautiful soprana voice. **

** The ending is outstanding, ** notice how she ends this song holding her own with the two
most powerful tenor voices on the planet.

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz

Bet you can’t watch this all the way through without at least smiling.

You will enjoy this.


O Soave Fanciulla (Name Of The Song)

Now listen to the beautiful Russian soprano Anna Netrebko and the amazing
Mexican tenor Rolando Villazon sing O Soave Fanciulla from La Boheme.

The opening bars demonstrate the power in this Mexican tenor’s high range voice, he is as
good as Luciano Pavarotti ever was on O Soave Fanciulla.

And once again Anna baby can hold her own and stay right with him.

Last one.

“Quando Men Vo” (Name of the song)

You’ve gone this far, now go one more.

“Quando Men Vo” La Bohème sung by the beautiful Anna Netrebko

She is especially beautiful in this song sung at a concert in Saint Petersberg.

Magnificient dress and long black hair plus the amazing talent.