Three years for race hate


Three year sentence for race hate - The West Australian

A man found guilty of racial vilification after he posted a video of himself on the internet calling Judaism a “satanic death cult” has been sentenced to three years in prison.
Brendan Lee O’Connell, 40, was found guilty of six out of seven racial harassment charges on Friday, after a two week trial by jury in the District Court.
In sentencing today, Judge John Wisbey said he was satisfied O’Connell was an intelligent man with “an irrational hate of the Jewish people”.
He said the only appropriate form of punishment would be an immediate term of imprisonment.
He said a severe punishment was necessary to send a message to people who may share O’Connell’s views including the group of supporters who followed the trial closely, often interrupting the court during the trial.
The trial was centred around a video O’Connell made of himself arguing with Jewish man Stanley Keyser at a Friends of Palestine protest against the sale of Israeli oranges at a South Perth supermarket in 2009.
In the video O’Connell calls Jewish people racist and homicidal.
Written words super-imposed over the footage include: “See how the lies roll off the Judiac’s tongue?” when Mr Keyser is speaking.
After the incident, which ends with O’Connell yelling at Mr Keyser to “get a good Jewish lawyer,” he went to the Bell Tower and filmed himself calling Judaism a “death cult.”
In a highly unusual move, on the first day of the trial instead of using his opening address to outline his defence O’Connell made a speech declaring the court unlawful, backing his argument by citing the constitution of Australia, the Westminster division of powers, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Judiciary act of 1903 among others.
He then said he wished to “indict the jury so they become a grand jury,” and put the Judge on trial for treason.:rofl: Judge Wisbey ordered the trial continue.
O’Connell’s defence centred on his argument Judaism was not a race but a religion.
He made several wild assertions in court, including that “Jews rule the world,” and at one point suggested Israel was planning to invade Australia.:coffee_spray:
O’Connell’s term was backdated to begin on January 24 and he will be eligible for parole.


I’m not sure who is more stupid. The guy for saying it, Aussie society for putting it into his head or the Government for jailing him for it.


If they imprisoned people in America for bias against Jews our whole Leftist media establishment would be behind bars.

Israel is painted as the cause for all strife quite commonly in America and “Hamas” is painted as poor victims.


I might add; “bias against Jews AND Christians”.



Good catch!


I know it’s been brought up before, but I have to ask again. How then can the Jewish community stay so invested in the Lefty positions? It boggles my mind how one group can be so endeared with another that so openly supports their sworn enemy?


They’re secular jews. They hate God and Israel as much as the democrats do. They have loads in common. THESE are the people that left Germany in the 30’s and came to America infiltrating University, business, government and started this PC bullship because…they found that when the populace was given the chance they never voted in Socialism. They had to figure out another way into power. Voila.


We’ve had race hate laws for a while because there were some pretty strong fringe groups bombing shops. No one here says ‘jews are bad’ or anything, in fact jewish ppl arent even talked about it’s all muslims and aboriginals and asians but only among certain types of lower-socioeconomic people.