Throwing In The Towel


After months of witnessing our Republican, but not conservative, congress in action and Trump too busy tweeting to go around the country utilizing the “Bully Pulpit” to explain why we must replace Obamacare with a market-driven system in order to drive costs down within the medical/insurance industry, I have officially thrown in the towel regarding this administration providing truly meaningful legislation aimed at avoiding subjecting all of America to Veteran’s Administration healthcare and the represive tax structure it will take to provide it.

At best, this congress will vote to repeal Obamacare now and effective on a date certain, with a replacement plan to follow. I have favored such an approach from the get-go. Unfortunately, based on the parameters of a possible replacement discussed/presented thus far by Republicans in congress, any such replacement will rely heavily on continuing to provide taxpayer subsidies to insurance companies and continued expansion of Medicaid and the required funding to keep the program afloat - a program that has seen millions of Americans dumped onto its rolls in order to sell Obamacare and create the illusion that a record number of people are now insured. I say illusion because holding a piece of paper saying you are insured means nothing if your deductible is through the roof.

In the end, whenever that end might be, at best the disaster known as Obamacare will be replaced by another scheme only slightly less disastrous. Many people now are asking for a “single-payer” (government run) health care system. That number is only going to increase over time. The next time the Democrats have control of the levers of power they will happily “bend to the will of the people”.

Two final thoughts:

First, Trump isn’t going around the nation explaining the ins and outs of healthcare and health insurance and the need for complete reform because he doesn’t understand it or the bills being discussed in any detail. All he seems capable of saying on the subject is we will have “beautiful healthcare”. To which I say, bullshiite.

It appears Trump relied on Paul Ryan to shepherd a meaningful plan through the House and on to the Senate. He didn’t realize that, while talking a good game, Ryan is incapable of delivering turds on a manure wagon and there is no meaningful Republican leadership in the Senate.

Second, look at the VA - that’s in your future.

And to think, we waited through a miserable 8 years only to end up with this crap.

Good luck


Well said!

There simply is no know way of adding millions of people to the healthcare rolls. Our healthcare was not broken, it did need some fixes and number 1 was the selling of insurance across state lines and bringing capitalism into the marketplace.

What Obamacare did was to give people insurance and then subsidize their purchase of it and of course that meant using taxpayer money. What they already knew was the cost to cover the so called poor, minorities and illegals was almost $1 TRILLION (includes welfare payments) and that is where the annual $1T over and above tax revenues went, along with a plethora of real CRONY solar projects etc that went to his buddies and donors. [where is the investigation on that???].

What has occurred is that Obama has unleashed the bottom feeders of America and given them a dose of benefits that you and I have been paying for all of our lives. Try taking candy from a baby sometime and listen to the baby scream and throw a tantrum. Now try taking the ‘candy’ away from the idle poor, minorities and illegals and see what happens…think LA Riots across the US.

Single payer will arrive soon. One GIANT step towards Socialism, one GIANT step towards slavery…

This will not happen under Socialism Medicine, unless you are part of the ruling class, the uber rich and politicians.

Charlie Guard:

Dispute Over British Baby’s Fate Draws In Pope and U.S. President


LONDON — Charlie Gard, who turns 11 months old on Tuesday, was born with an extremely rare genetic disease. He is blind and deaf, and he cannot breathe or move on his own. He suffers from persistent epileptic seizures.

Now the British infant is at the center of a global debate, drawing in the Vatican and President Trump, over what medical treatment, if any, he is entitled to receive, and who decides — his family, his doctors or the courts.

“These terrible decisions have to be made all the time,” said Jonathan D. Moreno, a professor of ethics at the University of Pennsylvania. “It is very unusual for a case like this to explode on the global stage. They raise difficult moral and ethical questions.”

The London hospital that is treating Charlie has asked permission to remove him from life support. His parents want to take him to the United States, where they believe an experimental treatment has a chance — however remote — of prolonging his life, even though the disease has no cure.

Three courts in Britain agreed with the hospital, as did the European Court of Human Rights, which last week rejected a last-ditch appeal by Charlie’s parents.

But Pope Francis and Mr. Trump have also weighed in, adding another dimension to an extraordinarily thorny bioethical and legal dispute that pits Britain’s medical and judicial establishment against the wishes of the child’s parents."


If these cowards vote for a clean repeal we are better off, the “replacement” will be awful when it gets written but without the leverage of keeping Obamacare the Conservatives will have much more power to influence the “replacement”.

There will not be near the willingness to partner with the democrats to get the votes for another Obamacare clone in an election year (next year), I am not saying this is reason for great optimism but it is a strategy that is worth trying, the biggest hurdle is taking away the leverage that the Left is using to thwart any significant changes; in an election year the Conservative voices in Congress will be feared by the GOP.


RET, make no diff what happens or not happens, the result will be the same, Govt take over of our healthcare system…might as well expand the VA at that point in time.

NO govt has ever been able to offer a strong viable single payer universal healthcare system and in parallel support and maintain a strong viable standing military able to fight global wars. In fact few have even been able to have a military that can mount a strong defense against a strong OpFor…you can have one or the other but not both…


I am not resigned to single payer, I see a growing understanding of the flaws inherent to such ideas.

Since 2010 Obamacare has been decimating the Democrat Party in elections, they lost the House, then the Senate, then the White House; all the while losing State Legislatures and Governors mansions.

The complete meltdown of the media that Trump has orchestrated could not be better timed, this is not over and we are not losing; I would prefer a solid Conservative like Cruz at the helm but this is a team that can advance the ball nonetheless.

Those who wake up first always get tired first but the weariness that we feel from beating these drums for years is not felt by those who are just now getting the beat, the momentum is on our side so this is no time for the Veteran players to catch their breath; we are winning this in spite of lacking big play explosiveness.


How long will this last?

Google, $2M for gun control: Google Donates $2m to Gun Control Groups - The Truth About Guns

Bloomberg, $200M to fight Trump:

M Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Pierre Omidyar [E Bay], Chris Hughes [Facebook]++, Universal Basic Income for ALL:

The UBI [aka: Free Lunch] movement is on FIRE not just in the US but across the world, the takers out number the makers!

Behind the scenes there is BIG money going after the elections in '18 and 20. Not sure we can survive. I am in Texas and trust me, BIG $$$ is pouring into “BattleGround Texas” Home - Battleground Texas to flip Texas. Texas is the CROWN JEWEL, if they can flip, they get 38 electroal votes and that puts a LOCK on the extreme far left in the WH as far as the eye can see.

Have also noticed the drum beat for gun control has risen after a lay low of several years. The Coup cannot happen unless they confiscate guns…


Money only influences a disengaged electorate that trusts the narratives that they hear the most, our electorate is increasingly engaged and the percentage of citizens that believe the narratives being jammed down their throats is shrinking every day.

Trump beat Clinton while spending a fraction of the money she did, the carpet bagger in Georgia just lost in spite of nobody even knowing his opponents name and having spent more on a single House seat than ever before in our history.

The Left is melting down for a reason, those reasons should inspire as much confidence for us as they inspire gloom in the Left. :slight_smile:


Actually, Karen Handel is pretty well known in Ga. She’s held a few offices here, including secretary of state, and won my primary vote for the senate seat currently held by David Perdue in 2014.


Yeah they knew her locally and that is what counts, but the carpet bagger had constant, free national advertising and a war chest of money to dominate the narrative; netting him squat :slight_smile:


Thinking of this post (# 6) as depicting “FAKE NEWS”, read Nehemiah 6 for an age old proper response to same!!! :machinegu


It is true a growing legion of Americans are being ravaged by the effects of Obamacare - outrageous premiums/premium increases along with ballooning deductibles.

Based on what is currently being presented by Republicans as an alternative to Obamacare it is becoming increasingly apparent to this same legion of folks that Republicans are incapable of producing a true market-driven alternative - one that will bring downward pressure on costs. On top of that, we have those folks with no “skin in the game” who have now received direct subsidies and placement on Medicaid (income eligibility now set at 4 times poverty level) to purchase insurance.

Because of these factors an ever increasing number of Americans will turn to government to help alleviate the unavoidable pain inflicted by and associated with the upheaval created by Obamacare. I predict that over time an increasing number of people will be pleading with politicos to go to a government run medical delivery system - paid for, of course, on the backs of those folks with “skin in the game” - working men and women who pay taxes.

IMHO - the only question remaining is just how long will it be for this current catastrophe to reach critical mass.


My guess is the Dem canadidate for Prez in 2020 will bang the drum for:

  1. UBI Universal Basic Income plan

  2. Repeal/Replace the Republican healthcare plan with UHC Universal Health-Care plan, single payer, based upon your ABILITY to pay [ from each according to his ability, to each according to his need…Karl Marx]


I doubt that the republicans can even manage to repeal obamacare. I’m half convinced that they fully intend to keep it in place so they can be the ones spending those tax monies and handing out those favors, being the ones who get to decide who gets the lifesaving treatments, and who gets sent home to die.



Haha, thanks for that.