Throwing In The Towell


We just returned from two weeks in Costa Rica. We were looking at property. Frankly, should things in the US continue to irretrievably decline at their current rate - which will be assured under Hillary Clinton - we will probably leave. We have a corrupt government seemingly unaffected by which party is in power. We have our institutions that are failing us in dramatic fashion (education, government agencies for example) with the possibility of corrective action nearly non-existent. We have a people who are most likely no longer “center right”, but more likely “center left” and trending farther left. This election will tell the story. In a very real sense, we are on the verge of throwing in the towel.

Speaking of throwing in the towel - I hope Republicans don’t throw in the towel again this November. I hope they show up at the polls in record numbers despite the likely prospect of having a very flawed candidate. We can sit here and speculate all day long about how bad or how good a president Trump might be, but there is no room for doubt about the disastrous extension of our failed policies over the last 8 years associated with Hillary Clinton’s election.

We wish you and yours well.


You think crony, tax-and-spend, border-turnstile, pro-ethanol, pro-government-healthcare Trump is going to be different than Marxist, tax-and-spend, open-border, pro-ethanol, pro-government-healthcare Madame Clinton will be?

Moreover, I don’t think Trump WANTS to win this. He’s really going out of his way to p!ss off Tea Party types and conservatives. I think he’s setting the stage for his next move, which will be to make a royal spectacle and ensure, whether he’s nominated or not, that the Republicans DO NOT WIN.

The tendency is to look for a place elsewhere. But…as the saying goes…falls Rome, falls the world. When the United States collapses, there will be famine and wars between small nations all over the place. And then the very-messy process of China asserting its position as the new superpower.

But you can be SURE that the Chinese and other propagandists will be loudly, constantly blaming America and Americans. I don’t think it will be SAFE to be an American outside national borders…or even inside.


I have some family members doing the same, looking into Costa Rica.


Hello, D-Neck. Yes, there are many ex-pats in CR. I can tell you this - Until 2 years ago I never thought I could or would move out of the US. Now it is a VERY real possibility.


You guys are hilarious. No one is moving anywhere. We’ve had bad presidents before and we’ll have them again. This is still the best nation on Earth, and will continue to be the best nation 10, 20 and 50 years from now.

When did conservatives turn into a bunch of (edited by FC)? If any of you think the country is in that bad of shape you’re willing to leave, stay and fix it! Isn’t the GOP supposed to be the patriotic my country-right-or-wrong party? Act like it.


I wouldn’t recommend wagering the agricultural real estate on it; particularly for 50 years.


They are looking at it for retirement purposes. You can live really good down there on American Social Security. If you have retirement funds, even better.


Actually, if India gets its act together(and they may finally be doing that), there’s every reason to believe that they’ll one day surpass us.

They have more people, more resources, and like us, benefit from the Anglo-saxon legal tradition.

They have more people with an I.Q. above 150, than we have children.

Economically thus, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t become bigger than us; it’s just a matter of catching up to our development.


Good luck on getting them to ditch the Caste system though. Nothing to worry about until then.



The average person in India has an IQ of 82, which is borderline retarded. And we have 70 million children. Which would mean 1 in every 14 Indians has a genius level IQ(which starts at 145), and somehow the median is 82?


It’s a variation of this I’ve seen an actuary resort to.