Thunderbird 2 flies again: The astonishing airship set to revolutionise haulage, tour


The astonishing Aeroscraft - a new type of rigid airship that’s set to revolutionise haulage, tourism… and warfare | Mail Online


It’s awesome…

It’s super slow though. I think


About 140 mph.

But from a logistical point of view, speed doesn’t matter much once a supply chain has been established, only volume and economy.


But I want to go fast!!


The bugaboos this airship needs to avoid are the USS Akron and USS Macon. Such airships do not do well in stormy weather, which destroyed both. Unless this new airship can ride through bad weather as well as a C-130 or C-17 can, this airship is likely to be a moneypit-boondoggle.


I doubt it’ll do notably better in bad weather than conventional dirigibles. The limiting factor is surface area vs. mass. And to a lesser degree, structural strength (modern technology can deal with that a lot better, but I’m not sure how much).