Time for American Austerity


The federal budget is running a 40% deficit. Our total Federal debt is almost as much as the current GDP. If state, county and city debt is included, then our total public debt is 1.5 times our GDP. As a nation, we cannot afford to keep spending what we do not have. It is time for austerity in America.

As a Conservative, I cringe at the thought of tax increases. It goes against my values of limited government and personal liberty. Taxes increase the power of government and takes liberty away from the people. Every time the government takes money out of the pocket of a citizen, it takes away the freedom of that person to spend that money as they see fit. In addition to the taking of the money, our tax system is set up to punish some actions and reward others which also limits personal liberty.

Given that I hate taxes, I also must respect the choices that the people of this nation have made. It is apparent that for now, the majority are in favor of a European style cradle to grave entitlement system. The only way to support such a system is with high taxes. The other option of having moderate to low taxes will just lead to financial ruin, one sooner than the other.

Until the mountain of entitlements can be trimmed, I must favor the only responsible position: high taxes. I can only pray this country comes to its senses.