Time Marches On


“Time Marches On”

Sister cries out from her baby bed brother runs in feathers on his head
Momma’s in a room learning how to sew daddy’s drinking beer listneng to the radio
Hank Williams sings Kaw-Liga and Dear John and time marches on time marches on

Sister’s using rouge and clear complexion soap
Brother’s wearing beads and he smokes a lot of dope
Momma is depressed barly makes a sound daddy’s got a girlfriend in another town
Bob Dylan sings Like a Rolling Stone and time marches on time marches on

The South moves North the North moves South a star is born a star burns out
The only thing that stays the same is everything changes everything changes

Sister calls herself sexy grandma brother’s on a diet high cholesterol
Momma’s out of touch with reality daddy’s in the ground beneath the maple tree
As the angels sing an old Hank Williams song time marches on time marches on…


Yes it does and the pages of history tell their stories of the rise and fall as time marches on.

Those pages are all to often ignored by the far left who are always quick to point out how the former leftist got it wrong and how they can do it better. Socialism and communism will work if ONLY THEY can implement it their way. But all leftist base their approach upon the same things, the LIE and the DESTRUCTION of the current system. History will show that each time they destroyed the past, just like the radical Muslims have across the ME.

Look at Obama, the LIE, the DESTROY and his prime targets are the US Constitution and our military along with the fabric of society such as rights for sexual deviants over the rights of our religious freedoms.

Like all of those on the far left their majestic plans to replace our society with a better way is in fact not a better way and when challenged they only attack the current system saying its broken, yet their ‘new and improved’ system, which is far from that, has a long history of abject and epic failure. Taking countries and societies down into the depths of depression and lawlessness. In every case society never is able to lift itself to the heights it has earlier attained. Almost every society and country has had its 15 min of fame only to be taken down and to never again stand as proud and tall as it had. When the left destroys its takes takes from each everything and gives to each nothing.

Obama/Klinton have both like slugs that have crawled across a sidewalk, left a trail of slime behind them as they travel. Like the worms they are, they consume all that is in their path and spew out a trail of dung behind them as they leave. When the Klintons left the houses of Govt in Ark and the WH they were trashed, items stolen, the Obama’s will do the same, as they both harbor nothing but hate for all that is not theirs.

A vote for Hillary will combine the worst of the worst a putrid brew of white and black hate, arrogance and narcissism mixed in with greed and a lust for power and money. We already know they will sell out the people of America and America itself to feed their own sick lives.

I know some of you are opposed to Trump, while I am not his number 1 fan I know that Hitlery is far far worse and at least with Trump there a possible light however dim it appears to be, but I do not think he will plunge America into darkness. SHE WILL!

Melania Trump and do I NEED to post pics of Hitlery?

Photo via MelaniaTrump.com.

http://www.bizpacreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Melania-Trump.jpgPhoto via MelaniaTrump.com.


The facts are that registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans. So yes, those not registered to either party will decide this election. But even after saying that a Republican not voting is a vote for democrats because you can bet that the democrats are going to vote. They hold their liberal GOD (the democratic party) just as tight as religious people hold God.
Again I’ll say that the candidates running AREN’T IMPORTANT. What we have up for election is 2 different types of government. Socialism & Capitalism. Your not voting for you, your voting for your kids & grandkids & those that come long after your dust. Think about it before you don’t vote in the next election (or for that matter every election for the rest of your life because you can bet that the democrats won’t go away).
Now the fun idea:
Don’t like the Donald?
Won’t vote for Hilliary?
Then vote Monica Lewenski in 2016.
Her motto is “I got the job done when Hillary couldn’t (or wouldn’t)”.
She’s now a Republican because the Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.
See, a third option. Are you happy now? (wink).


I’m liking the way you put that!