Time to Call Out Black Race Exploiters


Time to Call Out Black Race Exploiters
By Lloyd Marcus
American Thinker

Along with losing ten pounds, my New Year’s resolution is to call out black Democrats, liberals, and pundits who unfairly exploit race, using it as a bludgeon to get their way.

Here are my first two call-outs of the new year.

Number one: Whoopi Goldberg, black actress, comedian and political activist on “The View.” On that program, Elisabeth Hasselbeck countered the left’s allegation that vitriolic language from the right is responsible for the Arizona shooting. … Goldberg retorted, “When I was growing up, people talking, and saying things, whipping folks up, caused a lot of people to get lynched.”

Call-out number two: Jesse Jackson, Jr., black Democrat member of Congress. In November, voters overwhelmingly elected Republicans to get our country back to following the Constitution. In an effort to assure voters that the Republicans heard them and to start the 112th Congress off on the right track, majority leader Boehner decided to read the U.S. Constitution on the House floor.

Jackson attempted to exploit race to stop the reading of the Constitution, claiming “racial insensitivity.”

High time, may there be many more and may their voices grow ever louder!


That’s always going to happen, helps the minorities to place blame on everybody but themselves. Keeps the sense of responsibility always at the edge of complacency.


yeah. nobody will be calling out anybody. It’s not that we all don’t recognize the situation. It’s just that it’s not worth the hassle. Besides. Don’t you find it rather satisfying to have the media going apoplectic about the tea partiers and conservative politicians and polls for this and that…and most of the population just keeps on going to the right.


I have resolved long ago to consistently refer to and point out that the entire Demoncrat Party is the home of institutionalized Racism in America.

Anybody who joins that chorus is a welcome contributor. The “Racial” issue has been used to silence Conservatives who fear the label for far too long.

We in the GOP have been on the right side of the Racial issues in America from the very start and the Demoncrat’s have been on the wrong side from the very start.

It is time we quit running from accusations that only apply to those who offer them and point out with great boldness all the Racism expressed daily by the enemies of Liberty and Justice for all.


Said it before and I’ll say it again. The Race Card is the last weapon of a weak mind.


I think perhaps Whoopi Goldberg has tunnel vision/misconceptions about what’s going on, but Jesse Jackson does, and is ungenuine.