Tiny Detail Buried in Federal Subpoena

The New York Post report that has been suppressed and censored by social media may contain another bombshell within it.

“…Included in the story is a photograph of a federal grand jury subpoena, which appears to have been signed by FBI Special Agent Joshua Wilson, who is said to be one of the FBI’s top child pornography investigators…”

Does Rudy being a pedophile destroy his credibility, or does it bolster it since he’s knowledgeable in the area?


Does making accusations with no evidence or evidence that has been debunked destroy your credibility?
No, as a Leftist you obviously sacrificed all hope for credibility long ago :rofl:

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There’s more evidence in the public realm for this than the Hunter Biden allegations…

If you mean zero for your accusation, a 24 year old actress playing a conservative reporter is not pedophilia, consuming illegal drugs with millions of dollars gleaned from your dads pay to play abuse of his position is illegal.

But you know all that don’t you, in fact you knew that before you made the pedophile accusstion because Liberals have no other cards to play. :rofl:


We’ll see Friday!

The Guardian article who supposedly have the full video, says the woman was 24 years old in the article, so pedophilia claims are impossible,


How does a 24 year old woman make him a pedophile?

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Here is a much more detailed article where it reports Guiliani called the police when he realized he was being set up

# Liberal media and social media platforms promote vile ‘underage sex’ hoax targeting Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Leftists are making a fool of themselves over this non crime, non pedophilia event.


Well it’s Saturday and Gene has been proved to be a spreader of lies and propaganda once again; why am I not at all surprised? :rofl:

He also ignored the fact that Giuliani was being set up by a set of lies.

He never answered my question about a 24 year old woman.

Borat is scum.

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I didn’t watch the movie yet

You didn’t need to as all the details that made your pedophile accusation slanderous were know the moment you wrote the words; I don’t think you guys realize that everyone knows people who have legitimate arguments don’t invent accusations based on lies, they simply make legitimate arguments :rofl:

Man, this forum will go insane come November.

Again, Conservatives don’t “go insane” ; that is how your side deals with not getting what they want :rofl:

We are adults.

No, if Biden is elected and Harris becomes President, we will have to hunker down and deal with it.

The thugs in Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the common street criminals, who make up a major portion of your movement, will go crazy if Trump wins. Biden has already issued that threat. “The violence will end if I am elected,” he has told us, which means it will continue if he loses. Your party is like the Nazi Brown Shirts. You get what you want using violence and intimidation.