Don’t know where to post this question, so I’ll try it here. I have not seen Tiny on this site for some time. He used to be a prolific poster. Anyone know why he isn’t around?


My guess would be got tired of the anti Trump arguments and especially the defense of Ted Cruz against all of the Trump surrogates that were slandering Cruz constantly, a charge for which I proudly plead guilty.


Must feel great to run posters off this board. I"m sure the mods and admin are very pleased with you.


I could be wrong but I believe Tiny’s wife has health problems and perhaps his daughter needs some attention and with the flak he has been getting this may be a combination of things for why we have not seen him lately.

I have noticed a few of us have cut back posting because of personal health problems associated with age. I myself recently was in the hospital which turned out to be nothing except a large bill and the wife is having difficulty walking.


I hope Tiny and his family are doing alright and the same for you and your wife. Does anyone know whatever happened to BobJam? He hasn’t been on here for a long time.


Thank you guys for responding. Hope Tiny is OK. Sam, VERY sorry about your situation - health issues, including costs, are a major concern.


Tiny brings a unique perspective to this board and noone can question his passion. People like that I don’t need to agree with necessarily in order to enjoy their position on issues. He wears his heart on his sleeve and you know what his thoughts are, which I can respect even in times when I disagree. Quite different from the Canadian method of smiling in your face and waiting until you turn before stabbing you in the back, you know where Tiny stands on issues.

I hope he and his family experience a speedy recovery. Thanks for the update also.


Bobjam passed away.

Tiny hasn’t notified the mods of his reason for absence, but he’s most likely sick of the lack of traction Trump is getting here. I hope that’s all it is, and not anything serious anyway.


I was on about 3 or 4 ‘conservative’ political sites and this is the only one I am now active on. The reason was the other sites were full of rabid views and a rabid view is a view without logic or backing, usually they lack the ability to support or base their view on facts.

Here in spite of differing views I have seen little animosity among the posters. Not to say we have not had a share of antagonizers and those who spew crap and create flase arguements solely for the purpose of argument.

Sorry to hear of you and your families challenges. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Keep us in the loop…


That’s not totally correct. I’m not sure about his wife but he didn’t leave here on happy vibes. And he isn’t the only one. That’s not my MO though. I can’t be driven off.


I just got back from the hospital. The wife had a heart attack and had to have a stint put in.


So sorry to hear, my prayers for her and her success…


Sorry to hear it Sam, but don’t be too concerned. I’ve had 8 OF THE THINGS–Stents–since 2003 and am doing just fine, even after additionally having 3 bypasses and my Aortic valve replaced last April! My wife has had a stent installed–also in 2003–and has had no problems since–other than a minor “overgrowth” of plaque that was stopped with radiation a couple of months later.


They are going to keep her at the hospital for observation for the next few days. Right now her blood pressure is awful high and her heart is beating at 65, normal is 80. Thanks


I"m also sorry to hear this. Seems you caught it quickly. I will certainly pray for her recovery and return to health. You and your family are in my thoughts tonight.


My heart-rate is normally around 60. In fact, they have a difficult time getting it UP when taking a stress test–which I do every year now. After my last surgery, my blood pressure STAYS around 128/70 or so. It HAD been as high as 190/95 before. Staying in the hospital for a couple of days after an angiogram isn’t unusual. They want to be sure that the stent doesn’t move and the incision doesn’t start bleeding.


Her BP was 199 systolic over 100 diastolic


Way too high! You might ask your doctor if Clonidine might help. Helped me when MY BP was so high. I took one pill and in 30 minutes, my BP was back to normal. Doctor prescribed one tablet if I ever saw my Systolic pressure above 160.



I am so sorry.
My prayers are with you and your wife!


When did Bobjam pass away? I missed that.