Well in a few minutes I am going to try my hand at making some Tiramisu.

Tiramisu is an Italian desert that looks like this:

Mine will not have that many layers however. I’mon shoot for just 2 layers of the
ladyfingers. Mine will not have that chocolate flower either.

The wife & I not long ago returned from shopping for the ingredients and they
were NOT cheap. The mascarpone cheese was $14.00 per pound. The ladyfingers
were $6.00 for 24. The bar of bittersweet chocolate was $3.00 …

… I think I was in an expensive store … probably ought to try Walmart next time,
if there is a next time.

Anyway this stuff is outta sight! Gooooooood to eat.

Here are the ingredients:

• 6 egg yolks (throw the whites away)

• 3 tablespoons of sugar

• one pound of mascarpone cheese

• 1½ cups of STRONG espresso coffee (I bought a small jar of instant espresso $3.99)

• ½ cup of bittersweet dark chocolate

• 24 ladyfingers


  • Beat eggs and sugar in an electric mixer with a whisk attachment for about 5 minutes

  • Add one tablespoon of the STRONG espresso and blend thoroughly

  • Add the one pound of mascarpone cheese and blend thoroughly

  • put the remaining STRONG espresso in a shallow pan

  • float each ladyfinger for 2 seconds on each side in the espresso (do not exceed 5 seconds per ladyfinger or they’ll come to pieces)

  • lay 12 of the soaked ladyfingers on the bottom of the 13" x 9" glass baking dish

  • spread ½ the cheese mixture over the soaked ladyfingers

  • soak the remaining 12 ladyfingers in the espresso

  • spread the remaining cheese mixture over the second row of soaked ladyfingers

  • use a hand grater to grate ½ cup of the bittersweet chocolate over the entire top of the pan of tiramisu

  • cover top of the glass baking dish with Saran Wrap

  • put in the Fridge over night

It is flat out good!! I mean you’ll get hooked on tiramisu in a flash!

(We had some the other day in a local real Italian Pizza Shop …
where they lay the Pizza dough directly on the floor of their
oven … the black’nd dough is part of the “real Italian” … or at
least that’s what my wife says (but she is a romantic at heart
so I must take that with a grain of salt … lol …)

I got this recipe off the web somewhere. It not my creation, though
I plan to develop my own recipe if this does not turn out like I hope
it will.

I’m heading into the kitchen to make some tiramisu right now. Its
a quick desert, maybe 20 minutes to put it together. (The wife and
I are going to make it together as a project.)

The web is saturated with different recipes for tiramisu with all
kinds of different flavors. I think the ladyfingers and the mascarpone
cheese are the two standard necessary ingredients however. I have
seen raspberry flavor instead of coffee-espresso. Vanilla. Strawberry.

Well we got it in the Fridge! Wow! It doth look some kind of good.
I’m gonna “pass judgment” on it tomorrow.

Just to good to be true, if its anything at all like the tiramisu we had in that "real Italian"
Pizza Shop.

I think I’d try something other than the espresso flavor - “coffee” and “sweet” do not go together well, as far as I’m concerned. Although I doubt if I’ll ever try that. Got too many recipes for sweets as it is.

Looks good. Hope it turns out like you want.

I like a pastry at our local Italian Deli. Don’t know what it’s called. It’s made with paper thin layers of filo dough and cream, topped with a chocolate drizzle.

Now I’m going to have to stop and get some…:grin:

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The wife made a soup last night that looks and SOUNDS simply awful…but was terrific!

4 cans chicken broth
1 large onion, diced
4-5 small/medium redskin potatoes, unpeeled and diced
1 pound smoked sausage
2 large cans of “Glory Green” collard or mixed greens–undrained
3 cans great northern beans–undrained

Saute sausage, onion and potatoes in a large pot until onions are clear. Add remaining ingredients and let simmer until potatoes are tender. Season to taste with red pepper, black pepper, creole seasoning and/or tabasco. Serve with toasted garlic bread! Yummy!

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I’ll pass on the greens; otherwise, sounds great. I might add some tomato sauce, though. I would add just plain tomatoes, except that I’m supposed to avoid seeds. I do put some greens in the Italian sausage soup I have made on occasion, but I think it would do just as well without.

The main note (accent for the taste buds) in tiramisu is the mascarpone cheese
which is very light and airy Italian cheese used a lot in deserts. The flavor of the
espresso is present but its not overpowering.

You get 3 flavors in this desert:

(1) the light airy mascarpone cheese (something similar to Philadelphia Cream Cheese, in flavor)

(2) the Hershey’s Coco Powder sifted on top when the desert is finished.

(3) the espresso (the weakest flavor)

The ladyfingers don’t have much of a taste even though there are
24 of them in the recipe in the Opening Post.

The tiramisu we prepared last night was very good,
but I think I will experiment with some other kinds
of flavors for my next tiramisu.

For interested parties:


Do you like raspberries? Maybe a thin layer of raspberry jam between the layers. Or maybe a lemon curd?

I love raspberries and lemon too, and thanks for the suggestion. I plan to
experiment with some different flavors when I make tiramisu again.

Also I picked up an interesting tip from a tiramisu video: Get your espresso from
Starbucks. Just stop in and buy 2 or 3 shots of espresso and use that instead of
the espresso powder one finds in the coffee departments of food stores. The
Starbucks espresso is the real thing and has a much better espresso flavor.

I believe that’s true because I love Starbuck’s espresso and get myself Starbuck’s
Caramel Latte’s fairly often.

I used instant espresso in the tiramisu I just made and it was not as flavorful as
Starbuck’s espresso.



I’mon cut the recipe in half next time too. Tiramisu contains raw egg yolks
and I don’t like to keep a desert with raw eggs sitting in the Fridge for
several days. The wife & I don’t eat large servings of deserts, so I’m
gonna do half next time or even a third, and eat it all within 2 days.

Or I could just go to the Fancy Food Store and buy a serving for $4.99

Tiramisu is not cheap regardless of how one gets it.Very good though.
One of the small blessings of life, like LemonCheese Cake, and admiring
sunsets and dawns and beautiful fields of flowers and lovely mountain
streams and innocently admiring beautiful works of art like this one right
here ~~ (beautiful Italian ladies):

… I try to enjoy and appreciate and be thankful for the small fleeting pleasures of life.

(One of the saddest realities of life is that the magnificent/lovely race of Italians have
stopped reproducing themselves. They have one of lowest birthrates in Europe, 1.3
I think, and its been that way for decades. (Gotta have 2.1 just to break even with the
death rate.) Sad stuff to be sure. Thank the feminists for the coming demographic death
of Italy. It will not be long (historically speaking) before all we have is pictures like that
one up there.)

Tiramisu is my favorite.

One of my friends works at an italian restaurant and he spends all of his “free food” credits on tiramisu, every night. I’ve seen him eat four full sized portions in one sitting. It’s that good, i think! :grin:

Its outta sight … get hooked quick on tiramisu … that espresso flavor’ll reach out and grab ya :smile: