Is anyone else as tired as I am?

Every day we go to our ‘preferred news’ channel and then go to our ‘preferred political forums’ to see if the horrible and latest rumors are true!

We then bitch and moan about it all … knowing, full well that we are helpless to stop or change even the smallest inequity around us in our own community, let alone the country!

I’m Tired!

I haven’t given up but it seems … Most of America has!
(When do we get another “stimulus” check?)

nuff said!

Yes, it does look really bad right now. We are only six months into the Biden administration and the damage they have done is significant. If Biden leaves office, Kamala “tee-he, ha-ha” Harris will be head of the government, which will be even worse. Since she is a woman of color, any criticism of her policies will be labeled as “racist,” and no other discussion of the issues will be possible.

There’s your problem right there. No wonder so many people believe in the Big Lie or Jewish Space Lasers or Birtherism. This, this right here is why.

Jewish Space Lasers?

Is that some of your groups’ anti-Semitism coming forward?