To Democrats - 3 Strikes And You Are Out


Once again, I’ll be brief regarding the Democrat play book.

  1. Attempt a coup d’état to take Trump out by charging for 2 1/2 years that he colluded and conspired with the Russians to influence the outcome of the 2016 election even though it was the Dem National Committee/Clinton campaign who hired a former British Intel officer, Steele, to conspire with a Russian operative to produce information on Trump known to be untrue which was used as a basis to open a protracted investigation. Outcome: It didn’t work…

  2. Constantly attempt to paint Trump and all conservatives as racists, etc. based on the administration’s stand to enforce existing immigration law. Trump’s strong economy - record job/wage growth for minorities has largely kicked that notion to the curb. Outcome: Doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. Now the plan seems to be the old/tired tactic of playing down a strong economy when a Republican is in the White House - that a recession is likely. The drumbeat across many media outlets - MSNBC/CNN especially - is RECESSION, RECESSION, RECESSION. Outcome: Trust me, it won’t work. At some point, no doubt closer to next year’s election, Trump is going to declare victory over China in the trade dispute - regardless what concessions he actually gets from the Chinese. When that happens, our economy will rocket upward

For Democrats, they think their only hope is that enough voters are ignorant enough to look favorably upon their promises of FREE STUFF.

The Democrat’s 3 Rs - RUSSIA, RACIST, RECESSION. It’s all they have and it ain’t enough!!! Three strikes and they are out!!


We can only hope they’re “out.” Unfortunately, there are plenty of ignorant, brain-washed morons old enough to vote and they ALL vote for Democrats most of the time.


Yes, Pappadave, we do have many ill-informed/under-informed voters. They will be the wildcard in the 2020 election.


I remember 1992. George H.W. Bush was running for re-election. I was watching CBS News, and it seemed every night the lead story was the same. “The country is in recession! The country is in the recession!” Bill Clinton’s mantra was, “It’s the economy, stupid!” Look for a repeat of this over next 15 months.

Today my home page on my computer had a lead story, “75% of economists are predicting a recession by 2021.” So what are these guys using? A crystal ball, death wish for the economy so that the Democrats will win or a stipend from the DNC?

One thing is for sure. The Democrats will be raising taxes if they win, and that is not the way to end a recession.


On the Christian radio network I listen to, I was thinking they said that only a third of economists are predicting a recession. Perhaps the source for that story on your homepage is a ringer…


“The ringer” has moved to the lame stream press. They are now reporting the “75% of economists” on the local and national news.


You’d think that at least ONE “journalist” would think to ask WHAT “economists.”


Almost no one was predicting the end of 2007 and 2008.


Perhaps, but I treat as suspect any unverified claim/prediction that would put conservatives or Republicans or Trump in a negative light.