To Pump your own Gas or NOT


Chris Christie boils self-serve gas down to 'gender issue’
A a recent town hall meeting in Bordentown, New Jersey where Gov. Chris Christie promoted a funding plan, a sensitive subject near and dear to the state’s residents arose.

Ah, self-serve gas. New Jersey is the last state in the entire nation to make it illegal for residents to pump their own fuel into their own vehicles after Oregon lifted its ban on a 64-year-old tradition last year.

Christie said the only reason the state keeps the rule is because New Jerseyans want it to stick around, reported.
And, it’s mostly women who prefer for someone else to do the work for them, he said.
“This is an incredible gender issue,” Christie said at the meeting and reported. “We polled this over and over. The last poll we did on this question, 78 percent of New Jersey women said they were opposed to self-serve gas. 78 percent! You can’t find 78 percent of people in New Jersey who agree on anything!”

Chris Christie boils self-serving gas down to ‘gender issue’ | PhillyVoice

I first encountered self serve gas pumps back in the 70’s and I believe the thought behind that was to save man power. Presently I know of only one station in this area that offers to pump your gas but it is one day only during the week.

So do people have problems pumping gas? Stations nowadays usually have a canopy over pumps. To have full time attedants to pump gas will increase the price at the pump. Originally when stations went to self serve they had someone in an enclosure to prevent crime and through the years many stations evolved into mini-marts.



I am glad to pump my own gas and having traveled across this nation, most stations have a sign that says if you are disabled or in need of help “push the attendant button” and someone will pump the gas for you.

Guess 78% of the folks in NJ are lazy.

But wait, there is a solution. If you want someone to pump your lazy gas then you pay .10 cents a gallon over the U-Pump rate!


And, it’s mostly women who prefer for someone else to do the work for them,
And take out the garbage. (wink) But you have to wonder exactly how that fits in with equality for the sexes. To me that’s one of those issues that should have a light shined on it. It just seems like cherry picking on what being “equal” is. Anyone out there ever see a woman step in front of her man to protect him from danger? I haven’t.


Lets throw a zinger into the mix :rofl: What if the person identifies as a woman?:banghead:

For those guys whose wife’s or girlfriends can not find a gas station to save their lives the poll does not apply to you.:slayer: Yeah you know what I mean.:grin:


There is proably some labor union of the gas pump attendents that work at the stations on the New Jersey Turnpike. I can’t think of any reason why it has lasted this long.

Oddly enough gasoline prices in New Jersey were lower than they were in New York and Connecticut. The Connecticut prices were sky high because of taxes. At that was the way it was in the 1990s.


**Oddly enough gasoline prices in New Jersey were lower than they were in New York and Connecticut. The Connecticut prices were sky high because of taxes. At that was the way it was in the 1990s. **
Gasoline is one of the perfect places to hide what I call hidden taxes. Government (state or federal) can add taxes onto it & raise lots of money because people buy a lot of gas. If people complain about the high price of gas they always blame those greedy old big business oil companies rather than the government. Last I heard the profit for oil companies on a gallon of gas was 1 cent. They make a lot of money because they sell a lot of gas, not because they overcharge.
Oh & get used to higher gas prices. Last time I was stationed in Europe gas in the U.S. was $2.00 per gallon. In Europe it was over $8.00 for 4 liters (a little less than a gallon). The difference was of course TAXES. That’s why they don’t drive the way we do or at least part of the reason. They also pay 10% more for a car because of taxes. Ain’t getting stuff free GRAND!
I have a sister in law that lives in Jersey. She hates paying more for gas just so someone else pumps her gas.


My own wife knows about ONE hole in the car…that being where you put the gas nozzle. She can put gas in her car. For the life of her she CANNOT figure out how to check the oil or other fluids, let alone add to them. Guess who gets to do that?


I was a bit uneasy about pumping my own gas at first, but now I’ve been doing it for over thirty years, and don’t give it a thought.


Mars and Venus.

I had a dirt-under-the-fingernails woman…she’d rake leaves and mow the lawn; clean what’s dirty; work out; drive a car with a manual transmission. She learned on that - her father didn’t believe in automatics.

That said…I tried to teach her the basics of auto maintenance. I wouldn’t always be close by to check oil and whatnot.

She tried to learn. Changing the oil underneath the car, on jacks…she’d watch, or try to…but her eyes would glaze over and soon she’d be asking me if I wanted a beer or something.

I’m the same way in the kitchen. I can get by; but I never get better than getting by. We came to a labor division: I’d air up her tires and change her oil; and she’d cook me big meals of comfort food…even though she ate lightly…

It’s not necessarily or always sex-related; but there’s no fighting innate aptitudes.


Yeah, my oldest sister is the one with the mechanical aptitude in her family. Her husband can’t seem to wrap his brain around it.


My Grandma can do anything a man can. can she do it as well. Some things yes others no. She is 5". I have seen her out work men though. As my grand ma says if you want something done you got to do it yourself.


I do not think I have seen a 5 inch grandma :rofl:


:yeahthat: Me neither!!! :rofl:


That story’s a lie (well not really. Apparently “some” are allowed, but I don’t know any place that qualifies – prolly east side where the population is tiny). I’m still not allowed to pump my own fuel. But my wife is happy about it.