To Those Of You Who Believe America's Greatest Threat Lies Outside The US


To those of you who think the greatest threat to America and her citizens lies outside of the United States I would invite you to closely examine the undermining of American culture, values, institutions and the justice system (the on-going attempt of a coup d’ tat) perpetrated by the Left.

Unfortunately, my guess is there is no political resolution possible. The level of polarization is too great and increasing exponentially. Soup lines extending for several city blocks might be the only thing that will snap a majority of Americans back into reality.

That’s about all I have to say regarding the current American socio-political landscape. I welcome your thoughts.


San Francisco folks still don’t understand what they’re doing wrong with housing – and their policies supporting “affordable housing” just keep making it more and more unaffordable. Those lines will just be an argument for more of the same. It’s going to take the collapse, and even then, most will blame the wrong people and ideas.

And you are correct, the greatest threat is inside the United States already. It’s politicians and the people who elect them. The president’s problem with budget is not that the incredible debt they pile on us, it’s that stupid wall he and his followers obsess over.

Were folks of my kind standing in the way on the wall, I’d give him that wall in exchange for a balanced budget or I’d shut down the government 1996 Newt Style. Republicans are supposed to be my kind, but it’s Republicans spending and stimulating like drunken Democrats for the past two years.


The free caca society.


While I agree that the America’s greatest threat does not lie outside the U.S., I’m not worried. After 4 years of social unrest, the far left hijacked the 1972 democrat convention and nominated George McGovern. Mr. Personality, Richard Nixon, had no problem getting a 49 state, 520 electoral vote, 60.7% popular vote victory.

Media coverage would lead one to believe that the hard left is at least 20-30% of the country. The media is a magnifying glass.

160 page study

This study has estimated:

Progressive Activists at 8%
Traditional Liberals at 11%
Passive Liberals at 15%
The Politically Disengaged at 26%
Moderates at 15%
Traditional Conservatives at 19%
Devoted Conservatives at 6%


RWN - Trump is asking for $6 billion this year for continuation of a border barrier, wall, fence - call it what you will. Barriers work - not 100% - nothing works 100%.

The fact is, estimates regarding the cost to American taxpayers for support/services for illegals range from approx. $50 billion to $150 billion per year - this is after estimates of illegal’s tax contribution is backed out of the costs. Forbes estimates that the cost of medical services alone for illegals is approx. $18 billion per year

The placing of your referenced “stupid wall” to assist our border patrol to impede inflow of illegals is hardly stupid. What’s stupid is this country’s continued enticement of immigrants to enter the US illegally and uninvited.

Border patrol agents, drones, electronics are all helpful, but by themselves such measures have been shown to be insufficient. Case in point: For decades the number of illegals in country was thought to be 10 to 12 million. A study last year conducted by Yale University School Of Management (hardly a bastion of conservatism) estimated our illegal population to be between 16 and 29 million. Pew Research estimates that 1 in 10 workers in Cal is in country illegally - you think that might have an impact on wages citizens are paid?

Consider this: What do you think the impact is to the schools and our school children with such a large influx of non-English speaking illegals of school age. The impact isn’t just monetary - the learning rate of the entire classroom is impacted, special teachers need to be employed, etc.

I could go on, but what’s the point.

Final point - I pretty much agree with your other points. When the bill comes due, I hope we have enough money for soup!!


I’ll trade you your “brilliant” wall for some fiscal responsibility. Too bad that’s not what the other side wants. I’d get on board with them, but the way they talk, how to pay for it isn’t even part of the discussion at all. We’ll just have it.

Imagine that, free stuff is an incentive…Lots of implications in your statement here; and Republican politicians don’t even pretend to care about that any more.


They get vilified when they try. The right has ceded far too much territory in the name of comity…


Another thing I don’t worry about. As long as the US$ remains the global reserve currency it isn’t really possible and there are no credible alternatives on the horizon, no matter what Trump does or might do; I don’t even believe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could screw it up.

Risk of U.S. Debt Default

What do I worry about? That the U.S. will not develop and fund a realistic aggressive space program until there is another Sputnik-Moment; the ChiCom flag on Mars or maybe even the Indian flag on the Moon.



But I want to pay for my caca! Wait a minute; there’re always taxes, so I guess I’m covered (in more ways than one)…


Complaining about the cost of a wall for fiscal responsibility reasons is like complaining about the cost of a car needed to go to work for fiscal responsibility reasons, tripping over gold bars to pick up pennies is the furthest you can get from fiscal responsibility.

And regardless of how long this is ignored it will remain the truth, our increasing deficit is due to the increased interest on our old debt; it has nothing to do with “spending like drunken sailors the last 2 years”.

And I agree Mike, the chasm will require something big to overcome; but I think Trumps unwillingness to take the media and the Extreme Left seriously is going to be that “big thing”.

Trump is not afraid of the Lefts lies and he knows that their lies have no credibility unless he himself gives them credibility; as long as he simply mocks them they will continue to be relegated to irrelevant joke status.


RET, you are spot on regarding most of our deficit being driven by interest on old debt. It’s rare when that point is made, yet it is crucial for one’s understanding of deficits.

BTW, hope you don’t mind if I use your “tripping over gold bars to pick up pennies” analogy referencing fiscal responsibility.

Man, it has to be tough living in California these days. Best wishes to you.


Gotta +1 this one. I couldn’t do it and wouldn’t if I could


Yeah, California is worse than ever and picking up speed in the same wrong direction; if my grandbabies weren’t here I would flee right with all of the other “productive class” who are despised by democrats.


Yeah, looks like the “Crispy Critters” have won out in Cali…


I don’t disagree, but it’s the left that vilifies them. That will never change even when they embrace leftist ideology. On the flip side, the Republicans rightly do the same to the Dems for doing what Dems do. When they’re in charge, they should practice what they preach.


Are you taking my comment as a “complaint” about the wall from a fiscal perspective? The Dems are disingenuously doing that as if any of them ever gave a rip about deficits and debt except when Republicans want something. Yes, I think it’s a waste. But I would trade that waste in exchange for balancing the budget. That would be like trading pennies for gold in my book.

Seriously? It’s just because of interest? Interest grew by 24 percent last year. It’s big, but the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 is responsible for 60 percent of the increase in the deficit from the previous year.

The deficit exists because our Congress spends like drunken Democrats. The Republicans have been in charge of everything since January 2017, but they can’t do anything about it?

Newt Gingrich and the Republicans stopped the government 22 years ago over fiscal responsibility and were successful in his efforts – Today, Republicans and conservatives are AWOL on fiscal responsibility.


Social Security masked a huge part of the deficit spending in the 90’s, it masks none of the deficit today; add that to the increased interest cost of the Obama years and you will find your “drunken sailor”

Deficit spending can be a great investment or money flushed down the toilet, Trump has little to no help in Congress but he does know which type of spending we need.

Also, the tired call for a “balanced budget” immediately after an election when the discretionary part of the budget is not even large enough to do that is pop tart economics.

To balance the budget will require structural reorganization of multiple “entitlements” and agency’s combined with policies that do not hinder private sector business growth.

NONE of that can occur with one president who “gets it” and an entire Congress who thinks economics is Greek.

This term is about destroying the credibility of the media and the GOP so at least one party will embrace the solution; Trump is doing that and making as much progress as he can on his own but this term is primarily about exposing and destroying the status quo.



It’s drunken Democrat. A drunken sailor is far more responsible than a sober Democrat let alone a drunken Democrat.


The president isn’t any more interested in restraining spending than the rest of his party.

Oh. I see. Have fun with that.

Two years and no reduction in spending, no shrinking government. Barely a mention.


No deregulation?
No tax relief?
No gutting of Obamacare?
No reduction in authority for numerous agencies?
No crony housecleaning in the VA?

With absolutely zero help Trump has done a lot and managed to expose the media and the deep state to even the most passive followers of American politics.

It is not Trump who is failing, it is Trump derangement syndrome that prevents his enemies from seeing the forest for the trees.


But they do work much better than not having a wall.

Look at every place where they have them (in this format, as a border barrier).

Israel’s wall is doing wonders. The Great Wall of China has worked for centuries.
The Berlin Wall was extremely effective. The wall at the Vatican. The NK/ROK border and DMZ is perhaps one of the best examples. The wall around Guantanamo Bay.

Further note: The Swiss Alps have kept Switzerland safe from invasion through two world wars. Note that Hitler found it not worth his time both from a resources and a logistics standpoint. Not exactly a wall there, but a big barrier.

Please also note that almost nobody wants just a wall. Most want a combination of removing welfare for illegals, making the legal process easier/cheaper, increased patrols and monitoring, ending of sanctuary policies, and a wall. All of this would be cheaper than supporting current burden.


As Ronanld Reagan said: “I shouldn’t compare them to drunken sailors, because at least the sailor is spending his own money…”