To Those Of You Who Believe America's Greatest Threat Lies Outside The US


Are you being willfully stupid, AS? Kalifornia issues DLs to illegals and are PROHIBITED from asking their immigration status when doing so and are handing out voter registrations to ANYONE applying for a DL. If this happened in Texas, where illegals can’t get a DL or register to vote, how many do you REALLY believe voted illegally in Kalifornia??? You simply CANNOT get away with proclaiming that illegals never, or even seldom, vote in our elections.


About to ask you the same thing. Last I checked, Texas isn’t California, and your story, takes place in Texas.

They seldom vote in our elections.

Investigations led by Republicans, prove it.

You can’t deny it Dave; not one investigation turned up illegal voters amounting to anything more than a few dozen.

If this was going “into the 10s of 1,000s”, at least one of the investigations would have shown it by now.


There has NEVER been an “investigation” of who voted in Kalifornia in ANY year, AS. You simply CANNOT keep making this claim with even a modicum of honesty. I remember when Bill Clinton sent everyone in Orange County with an Hispanic surname something called a “voter’s ID card.” It was designed to defeat Bob Dornan by that Sanchez woman who changed her name to her MAIDEN surname solely to appeal to Hispanic voters. She beat Dornan and has since been an absolute DISASTER for Orange County, Kalifornia, yet keeps getting elected because she’s for free cheese for illegals.


We were talking about Texas though.

Kalifornia doesn’t matter, when even White people vote for Democrats there.

I can, because investigations:

This is the truth. We investigate, and find a few dozen at best.

Results don’t lie.

I dare you to point to me an investigation, in any State, that found even just a mere 1,000.


For the most part all we get is anecdotal evidence. The states who want to purge their voting rolls of illegals, felons, dead people and people who have just moved on are constantly being opposed by the ACLU and judges friendly to them.

Illegals may well have low turn out but how can we know that when we don’t know how many are registered to vote? Once you get them on the roll their are plenty of democrats willing to vote in their place.


I thought you said we were talking about Texas? What has Florida have to do with anything?


10% of 10 million is still enough to tip an election. DUH!


That’s what Rick Scott was doing; purging them from the voter rolls.

Initially his administration claimed they were in the 1,000s, but after taking their time to separate illegals from dead people, move aways, and the other ways erroneous registers tend to happen, all they could find was 85.

You have to think on it for a moment, Since they’re cheating anyway, why wouldn’t cheats just use citizens that are easier to get a hand of?

And it’s precisely what we find; Most cheating is done by citizens, not non-citizens, legal or illegal.


It’s easier to cheat with citizens, duh.

Try as you may to insist this, you have both a lack of evidence, and a clearly easier alternative.


And the DNC fought Rick Scott every step of the way. What is it about Democrat obstructionism that you seem unable to comprehend?


Doesn’t matter; any turnout is all to their ill-gotten gain.

It isn’t an either/or proposition; they’ll cheat in any and all venues in which they think they can get away with it. Duh…


Nope, ease of use is the key.

There’s no point in speculating about illegal voting, if citizen’s fraud is easier to organize and pull off.

And why? The same reason anti-gun people can’t organize worth a damn; it’s about whose interested & willing to go to the effort.

And non-citizens, don’t care. It’s citizens who care, so they do the bulwark of the fraud.
It’s completely predictable, and is precisely what shows up whenever an investigation is done.


Yet he started with his own numbers; 182,000 potential noncitizens who had voted. Scott’s adminsitration then worked to eliminate who was a citizen one-by-one.

Then it was 2,700, then it was just 200. He did this until he was left with just 85.

Truth be told it could have been less than 85, they just weren’t able to eliminate further.


Nope. Possibility of use is the key.


If AS thinks that illegals are NOT both being ENCOURAGED to vote and ACTUALLY voting illegally, then that’s proof that he’s behaving like an ostrich plus substituting reason with leftie talking points.


I have evidence Dave, where’s yours?

In the words of Thomas Sowell, show me the evidence.


Nope. Practiality; you devote your resources to what’s effective, not what isn’t.

The left figured out data-centric methods before we did, if you don’t think they don’t use them to scrutinize their campaign methods, you’re in the dark as to how 21st century political machines are run.


The evidence is right under your nose if you bothered to use the sense you say you possess. When the Dimwits make it easier for illegals to vote illegally and then promise them free stuff if they’ll just vote for Democrats, who do you think they’ll go vote for? When Clinton sends “voter ID cards” out to those with Hispanic surnames–without ANY knowledge of their immigration or citizenship status, don’t you HONESTLY believe they’ll go vote for Clinton, or whomever he recommends, whether they KNOW they can’t legally do so or not? There’s a REASON why the Democrats fight tooth and nail against voter ID and against any effort to clean up the voter rolls and investigate in depth whether or not illegals are actually voting…stalling EVERY effort to do either. Why do you think the Dimwits want open borders? It’s because they are trolling for new voters since their base is catching on to them and they know the illegals coming here will gravitate politically towards whoever promises them the most “stuff” and promises to make them “legal” by fiat.


No, there isn’t. Drop the conspiracy talk & face facts.

There have been dozens of investigations lead by Republicans, in Red states, where Republicans had super majorities.

We find plenty of evidence for Citizen fraud, little to none for illegals.

If illegals were the heart of the problem, at least one of those investigations would have uncovered it. But not one did.

A Democrat isn’t embowered anymore by an illegal voting than they are by an illegal vote by a citizen.

An illegal vote is an illegal vote.

You’re thinking inside a box Dave, a box Democrats don’t have to stick to to get into Power.

Which can apply just as much to someone voting in the wrong county or State.

You didn’t consider that, did you Dave?

That’s how I know you’re in a box. You did not consider how this could equally apply to citizen fraud, which a Democrat would have just as much cause to hide.


Wrong again; I said: “Possibility of use is the key.” “Possible” is “effective” in this context.