To Those Of You Who Believe America's Greatest Threat Lies Outside The US


Practicality is the superior metric.

We judge security just this way, if a threat requires tons of resources to pull off, yet the enemy has another , more limited means of creating the same or similar effect, that first threat isn’t as reasonable to expect.

e.g. Guys setting off an EMP device in a van, isn’t as likely as someone using a van to deliver good ol’ explosives. You need far more resources and technical expertise to pull the former off, and it damages less well than a well delivered IED.

It’s thus possible, not practical.

No reason I shouldn’t judge election security any differently.

An illegal vote is an illegal vote, it does not matter who casts it.

And remember FC, we do find voter fraud. You’re saying the Democrats are doing the impractical thing, and somehow hide it, when they don’t hide the rest of the fraud.

Which would be a completely irrational thing for them to do. An illegal vote isn’t any less illegal, just because a citizen does it. A cheat is a cheat.

Oh and btw; most cheating isn’t even done at the polls. It’s done by people who control the ballot boxes.

The vote counters, the chain of custody, those people. Not rank & file.


Who CARES who commits the most fraud…legal voters or illegal voters or vote counters? Fraud is fraud and the Dimwits are exploring EVERY means of cheating possible. “Ballot harvesting?” “Phony registrations?” (Why, by the way? A registration doesn’t mean “fraud” UNTIL a vote is cast using that phony registration as “authorization” to vote.)


You waste resources and attention at the far less occurring threat.

You’re like black community activists bolivating on cops, when most of their members are killed by other members.

Yes Dave, that kind of nonsense.

The fact of the matter is, this is just “let’s blame them for everything wrong” speal. It’s not evidence based, it’s meme logic.


No it’s NOT, AS, and I suspect even YOU know it. If ONE illegal casts an illegal vote, that is prima facie evidence that some LEGAL voter’s choice has been cancelled out which damages the country. If you ACTUALLY believe that an illegal from Mexico or Central America is going to cast their illegal vote for a Republican, you’re living in a fantasy world of your own making. They’re going to vote for the candidate who promises them “amnesty,” “Citizenship” and/or the most free cheese and that’s PRECISELY why the Democrats want open borders.


Yes it is.

The thing that’s going to wreck not just 1, but 1,000s of votes by natives, are greedy idiots controlling the Ballot boxes.

Rank the threats, prioritize the ones that are more than just noise, and go after them, first of all.

It’s either that, or you don’t care about election integrity. You’re just offering lipservice.


Nonsense. THINK for a change! WHO is it that virulently opposes voter ID? WHO is it that prohibits government workers from even INQUIRING of someone’s immigration status? WHO is it that “ballot harvests”? WHO is it that wants “motor voter” and “vote by mail” laws? In other words, WHO is it that opposes ANY effort to insure vote integrity? That alone should tell you that the Dimwitted Democrats are counting on illegals and various forms of vote fraud for their political futures.


He knows exactly how many are voting in Kalifornia, enough to insure a permanent super majority of his Leftist party will never receive a credible challenge to their power.

Kalifornia is the Leftist model for establishing the communist dream, it is their only path to power and they know this even better than most of their opponents; if they do not destroy the legal citizen middle class and small businesses they will never realize their dream.

The Left are not fighting because they don’t understand, they are fighting because they do understand; they can only rise if the American middle class is destroyed.


You put no effort into following this issue, per usual, and you act as if you can preach to me.

And now you’re obfuscating.

If you want to blame Democrats, blame Democrats, by all means I won’t stop you. Blaming illegals just shows you aren’t paying attention.

It’s like blaming the murder rate of poor blacks on police.


And meanwhile, Democrats have a majority on white voters, that at 60% of the vote, clearly decide elections in your state.

Which is something I’ve never seen you explain RET.

How did illegals cause that?


By destroying all of the legitimate private sector businesses so the easy majority is now the dependent class; welfare rats, illegals on the dole working under the table and government workers.

Which I have “explained” multiple times, it has nothing to do with ethnicity and everything to do with dependency.

It is you who have refused to respond to this and you who (like all Liberals) refuse to see anything but skin tone; when you are clearly losing and exposed you run to the race card in some way for refuge.

And you fool nobody in the process.


of white voters?

But it is white native voters, and you don’t seem to have an explanation.

White voters put every bit of the Democrat agenda in charge. Their choice, their vote, and they put them in charge, and keep putting them in charge.

They started doing it in the 90s RET, it didn’t take 20 years. It took just one year for that switch to occur.

How did that happen so quickly? CATO seems to have a theory. I’ve seen nothing from you.


Do you honestly think that anyone falls for your “partial quote” strategy that obviously is nothing more than a juvenile attempt at misdirection?

You might as well just write " I have no response because I know as well as you that my position is indefensible for the reasons that I claim to embrace it; but I will never admit my true motivation of creating insurmountable majorities for Extreme Liberals everywhere like in Kalifornia"

Or maybe you think there are people falling for your tired strategy?


The fact you think that’s anything conscious on my end is either paranoid or self-absorbed. I respond to the key words in your sentence, that’s it. There is no other thought to that process for me.

You might as well do that, because you just avoided doing what I asked you to do, again.

In the 90’s, in just one year, white voters jumped ship. Why?

Where’s your explanation for this RET? Your welfare excuse doesn’t cut it. The Californian economy didn’t implode overnight in 1994.

If you don’t answer, then you’re just admitting CATO is right as far as I’m concerned.


If that is genuinely an honest question then it was explained earlier, you have no capacity to consider anything that is not related to ethnicity; these blinders are common for you on the Left and I see no possibility for enlightenment at this point.


Don’t like ethnicity? Fine. Native Generations show the same picture.

3rd+ generation Americans are voting overwhelmingly Democrat in California, and have since 1994. Before we include any immigrants, you’re already losing. You’re still not explaining why.

It seems to me that you know something RET, but are afraid to cop to it. Probably because it’ll mean admitting that either I or CATO are in the ballpark as to what it is. Something that cuts deep into the culture you have in your “Golden” State, something Natives created all on their own.


By the way, 1994 was a great year for Republicans in California.

They won on all the positions they took on all 10 propositions, they won control of the State Legislature, they won the governors office in a landslide and they held their position in the State Senate of just a few seats short of 50 percent.

They also held almost every Statewide position as heads of those commisions and bureaucracies.

So much for your made up history, 1994 was just 8 years past the Reagan amnesty; it took 10 or 12 years for the dependence level to reach a high enough percentage to take over the State for good.



Nope, nothing to see here.


In Kalifornia, whites are rapidly becoming the de facto MINORITY. When you have a 14% black, 20% Hispanic and 5-7% Asian population, that means that 40+% of your population is non-white and likely half of the white population is on the dole–which overwhelms the Asian part of the population, which tends to be fairly conservative–you’re in for disaster…which we’re seeing unfold there.


Cato is WRONG, though, AS. They assume that Kalifornia’s lurch to the left is because of Wilson’s “nativist” proposition…which PASSED in Kalifornia, BTW. That’s BS. If 100% of those in Kalifornia with Hispanic surnames suddenly decided to vote Democrat because they were angry about Wilson’s positions, that STILL wouldn’t allow the Democrats to take unchallenged control of State government in virtually one year, and we know that didn’t happen. No, what’s “bigly” more likely is that Democrats FINALLY figured out how to steal elections by COUNTING the ballots in their favor.


I’ve lived in California for the better part of the last decade, and the state is doing very well. The economy is a powerhouse. No thanks to the Dems, of course. But here’s a hint: Trumpist republicans are even worse on the economy now.