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And still the question is evaded.

Why did 3rd generation Americans in California, drop the Republicans like a stone after 1994?

Both white and Hispanic Republican affiliation was growing in California until 1991.

It stayed stable, but then dropped dramatically after 1994, and never recovered.

So if not as a backlash to the propositions, what then was it?


You obviously didn’t read what I posted. The GOP disappeared from Kalifornia when the Democrats discovered how to COUNT votes instead of relying on WHO is voting or for whom.


You didn’t read what I said.

Voter registration among people in California changed; Democrats have no control over that.
3rd+ generation American changed their affiliation from Republicans, to Democrats, in enough numbers to cede the other a permanent majority.

Starting in 1994-95.



So you can’t even read your own propaganda?
Why am I not surprised.


I cannot speak to your personal address claim but every other utterance in this post is as wrong as it can be, the only segment of the Kalifornia economy that has “done well” is the government over the last ten years; we have the highest poverty rate in the nation and the highest rate of exodus by the productive class in the nation.


I don’t think you’re taking this in.

Republican identification was rising until 1991, then falling after 1994.
Within one year of 1994, voter identification among 3rd generation Americans, flipped, ceding Democrat advantage.

Why RET?


You should not ask “why”, you should ask “why don’t you stop offering an explanation for this that I cannot refute”.

Nobody is buying your claim that these “questions” have not been addressed, anyone reading along knows that you simply quote around all the stuff that exposes your lack of an argument.


It has been refuted; the amnesty was in 1986, yet, Republican identification in California kept climbing for years afterwards, even among Hispanics.

Something in 1994 happened to change that; something that lost 3rd generation Americans.

Something CATO says Republicans did to themselves.

What was it RET?

Again, if you don’t answer, I’ll just take your silence as admitting CATO is right.

Considering they also break down Texas, showing the reverse trend among voters (to include immigrants); it equally tells me California GOP did something to bring this on itself.


“Hispanics” and “Illegals” are not the same thing to anyone but Extremist Liberals, a distinction that is so foreign in thinking to those who are blinded by everything but skin tone will never be able to comprehend.

If you had the capacity to comprehend the difference you would understand why the political climate changed after your Party figured out that a Kalifornia only perpetual amnesty coupled with Cadillac Welfare benefits would gradually destroy the middle class and small businesses; leaving a majority of voters in the dependent class who would always vote for those who embrace your philosophy.

1994 was a wake up call to the Left, they lost on every statewide issue and office; they could choose to embrace the concerns of California citizens or pander to the Kalifornia dependent class in the hopes that they would grow into a majority; they chose the latter and the race baiting has continued ever since.

As evidenced by all of your arguments.

The Deep State and Courts in Kalifornia had been corrupt for years so they participated in ignoring all of the crimes committed by illegals who ignored all State regulations and taxes on their business ventures while cracking down on citizen enforcement of this ever growing list of regulations and taxes; the result was the destruction of the legal middle class and the rise of the dependent class.

Reagans amnesty gave them the idea, it took 10 or 12 years for it to bear fruit but it worked; the result is a permanent Kalifornia in place of California.

It has never had anything to do with race, it has always been about creating government dependency; the illegals from Mexico were just one of many groups that were ripe to sell their votes for government freebies.

Now pick out one sentence out of context and respond with something that has nothing to do with what I wrote; nobody expects any better from you.


And I’m going force you to take note of something.

I’m not attacking you personally in this thread. You can check back, the only time I did, was after an accusation you threw at me.

But you have in every post, and you’ve done it ad nasium. It’s a crutch RET, and if your argument is strong, then I have to ask, why is that even necessary?

Moving on…

In one year. You’re saying that occurred in. one. year. I don’t buy that RET, and you’re not giving me any reason for why I should.

You’re not laying any blame here on the CA GOP, nor are you acknowledging something else that’s wrong with California. That being…

What are concerns of California citizens? I think you’re either hiding that, or you’ve lost the beat here.

California is (or was) Center-left, has been for decades. You’ve had a Democrat dominated legislature nigh-continuously since 1959. This left your state open to becoming a platform for Progressive values, which is precisely what we saw happen.

Following the propositions in 1995, Gen X started siding against the GOP in large numbers, because they were the generation habituated with progressive values from your own universities.

Latent values in them, and in University-educated Baby Boomers, ensured that the native vote was lost.

Whatever minimal take you thought prop 187 was taking, to them, it was a dog whistle that Republicans were racist/fascist deplorables, as it tripped over precisely what they were taught to look for.

Citing the cause as “Dependents” when it was actually educated people who turned the tide, just sounds like a thin veil to hide the truth.


It didn’t happen “in one year”, it started after the Reagan amnesty and took a little over a decade.

Your little fantasy about Hispanics and voter registrations is ridiculous, the democrats have ALWAYS held a solid advantage in voter registration, as their party moved further Left they lost more support but voters never “changed their registration” for the most part; in fact the term “Reagan Democrat” was coined to explain the very phenomenon of Demoncrats holding large advantages in voter registration while Republicans won in landslides.

Your Party is just race baiting and you know it, everyone knows it; there is no line you guys won’t cross to regain power.

And your question about “what do mean what the citizens want” is pretty ridiculous considering you’re trying to blame the 1994 election on the change; Prop 187 was approved by THE VOTERS by a significant margin not the GOP.

But for your narrative to work the fall of California had to be because of prop 187, NOT because of your dream system of open borders in the age of Welfare.

So in your analysis the California voters went to the polls in 1994 and easily passed Prop 187 because they saw the destruction of illegal immigration, then they went home and hated themselves so much for passing 187 that they couldn’t bear the horror of having done it; so their minds went into self protection mode and they collectively and coincidentally decided to blame the GOP for the votes they had cast.

Then of course their delusion became so ingrained they had no choice but to permanently dump the GOP and only vote for the Communists from that day forward.

The lengths you will go to and the fabrications that you will embrace to avoid simply admitting that your agenda is to eradicate the middle class and establish a permanent majority of voters dependent on the government would be hilarious if it were not a fantasy embraced and shared by your entire party.


You misread what I said.

Registration among Hispanics was growing for Republicans in CA until 1994.

They were growing in Texas too, and today, nearly half of Hispanics vote for Republicans in Texas. Not so in California.

California GOP did something. Something that was toxic.

RET, you know what the problem is there.

  1. The prop, just like most in California, didn’t have most voters voting on it. It was approved by a minority of registered voters, or a “plurality”. Come next election, what happened? More voters showed up, and they created a backlash.

  2. People can change their mind, once they see how a policy is executed. Just like how blue voters turned on Obamacare.

  3. 1994 was a midterm year; Prop. 227 got approved the same way.

Crutch. Is your argument weak or not RET? Make up your mind.

California just had to be a Center-left State, and naive to letting Progressive values be taught at their universities.

That’s all that this requires. And you can’t deny that happened, can you RET?

You also can’t deny what I said: Educated, native voters turned the tide, not the poor, not immigrants.

Heck, despite your State’s miserable home ownership rate, most voters in California today are actually home owners; it would have been no different in the 90’s.


What a load.

Voters never “saw how it worked out and changed their mind”, there was never 5 seconds in California history when prop 187 was implemented; it was never allowed to be implemented by the courts.

And a proposition gets on the California ballot by gleaning enough verified signatures from registered voters, no political party can put a proposition on the ballot; the system is designed to give the voters the ability to bypass the legislature and the governor if they refuse to listen to the voters.

There were 10 propositions on the 1994 ballot and the conservative position prevailed on all 10, that was the VOTERS, not the GOP.

You, CATO and the rest of the Leftist apologists hang your hat on misinformation regarding prop 187 for no other reason but California being a living breathing example of what happens with open borders in a welfare state, you are trying to dupe the whole nation into embracing the strategy that destroyed California for good.

And the idea that California was “center left” in the 80’s and before just reveals how little you know about California or how little you respect truth when you’re trying to defend the indefensible.


Yet Pete Wilson is highly associated with it; His legacy is considered toxic because of it. Even Republicans don’t like him.

Yup, that’s why the Democrats dominated your legislature for so long.

You had brief Republican reprieves, with a Democrat norm. Center-left describes it to a “T”, no one whose looking at that record of your State would deny it.

You can hold water for CA all you like RET; doesn’t change the fact that CA’s culture was already crap before the 80’s. Why that is I can only guess; maybe it’s due to your being the center of the entertainment Industry which tends to lean left, or maybe it was true Communists infiltrating your universities in the 60’s.

Or maybe it was the series of Government interventions in the State, getting people comfortable with Socialism.

Whatever it was, it was made by natives. Aloof, well-off Natives who then willingly embraced the Democrats.


Of COURSE it was communists–in BOTH the entertainment industry and academia! You see, despite all the flak he received, Joe McCarthy was dead-bang RIGHT about how they’d infiltrated the Departments of State, Defense, Justice, Hollywood and Academia–especially in Kalifornia. Kalifornia universities even hired Angela Davis–an AVOWED Communist–to teach our kids, not to mention that moron who married Hanoi Jane and who’d been one of the founders of the SDS at Berserkely.


Wilson could have won a 3rd term easily if he was not term limited out, the only people who thought he was “toxic” was the Liberals like you who kept getting their butts handed to them by Wilson.

Wilson had nothing to do with any of the Propositions that the voters chose to put on the ballot during any of his terms as governor, senator or mayor; only the voters get a say in what Propositions make it on the ballot and which ones pass.

Hollywood & San Francisco NEVER controlled the state of California until after the open borders crowd got their agenda, they were just as foreign a thinkers to California as they were to the rest of the country.

In summary, you are absolutely wrong and uninformed about California politics prior to the adoption of your ideas; we led the nation in tax reform, restoring punishment to the judicial system, standing up to the EPA and several other federal agencies who were pushing the States around in 1970’s and 80’s; we gave the USA Ronald Reagan.

Now in the “post AS” Kalifornia we encourage federal agencies to be more draconian, we lead the nation in high taxes, we are now at the bottom in education and have the highest poverty rate in the nation; legitimate businesses are climbing over each other to leave instead of come here like before. Now the whole state takes their lead from Hollywood and San Francisco.

Prop 187 didn’t do that, your ideas did that and everyone who lived through it knows that.

As usual CATO is proved nothing but a Leftist propaganda rag.


Sorry RET, but I didn’t make this up:


Wilson’s unpopularity tainted the Republican Party and has lingered for decades after the 1994 vote. A 2000 Tomas Rivera Policy Institute survey during the 2000 election revealed that 53 percent of Hispanic voters in California still associated the Republican Party with Pete Wilson. In 2010, Latino Decisions polled California Hispanics if they were concerned that Pete Wilson was the campaign co-chair for GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman - their responses were stunningly negative (Figure 2). Pete Wilson’s name was still reviled by large majorities of California Hispanics sixteen years after the 1994 campaign battle.

The record says I’m right. You were consistently Democrat, consistently high taxes, consistent in rent & building restrictions even in the 1980s. You were only outdone by states in the Northeast.

Lite-Progressive values have been apart of your political diet for decades.

And we know this is self-afflicted; as California is high in emphasizing direct democracy.

Native born Californians voted in their own Govt and Union jailers, because they thought it was a good idea.

Can’t blame immigrants for that, when today they’re not even 1/4 of the vote, and 20 years ago, they weren’t even 15%.

Decrying them that hard tells me they’ve struck a nerve, and are on the right track.

California’s dirty leftist cultural laundry is worth exposing for what it is, no matter what you say.


Someone forward this to RET – he didn’t get the memo.


For the sake of this debate you did “make this up”, you cite a meaningless statistic from 2010 (which is AFTER your ideas had rendered California hopelessly Communist to refute my factual statement that Pete Wilson was elected twice by comfortable margins and in 1996 he was still very popular and would have won a 3rd term.

You claim that the very voters who had all of the control over the placing of prop 187 on the ballot and passing it comfortably then decided they hated it after it had never been implemented and thus blamed Wilson and the GOP for what they had done completely independent of any and all political party’s.

It is also quite typical of you to claim in one post that California’s transformation was entirely by white natives who changed their voting habits and then spin a 180 to use a bogus statistic about how Wilson was toxic because Hispanics didn’t like him years later.

You live in a fantasy written by writers from the CW network.


Nope, still didn’t. Wilson’s pull among Hispanics dropped by half from 1990 to 1994.

He went from capturing half, to capturing less than a quarter.

Texas did the opposite, courting Hispanics openly, and the GOP there has remained afloat.
In my mind, Texas GOP was smarter than yours.

In a midterm year, with a 60% voter turnout. Primary years reach 75%, like the one that repealed prop 227.

It makes all the difference.