To Those Of You Who Believe America's Greatest Threat Lies Outside The US


Yeah, for this post; for other posts you have statistics that show the Hispanic vote is irrelevant because white native Californians account for the shift.

It just depends which corner I back you into, that is when you decide which load of BS you will type.

You know nothing of California for the same reason you know nothing about Trump; you only listen to the propagandists in your Leftist echo chamber.


Your issue was claiming that People were willing to vote him in for a 3rd term.

Excuse me if I find that hard to believe, when straw polls show Californians were 4x more likely to support George Bush over him in a presidential election.

Even in his own State, a Texan does better.

I know enough to call you out on what you’re hiding RET.

Wilson, was no conservative. He supported Abortion, Gay Rights, and higher taxes.

It’s by no shock to me, that the only GOP Gov CA could elect, is a RINO.

Even Reagan had to make strategic concessions in abortion, divorce, and taxes when he was in control 20 years earlier.

Yet you insist on this fiction that nothing was amiss pre-1994 or 1987. That California, despite its strong progressive tendencies, and Liberal-esce Republicans, wasn’t center-left.

All I have to say to that is; Yeah right.


In your world a “poll” equals “fact” and results are inconsequential, such is the world of Liberalism and why you all have been in perpetual meltdown mode since Trump stomped on you.

Wilson refunded the budget surplus to the Taxpayers, how many of your Leftist heroes have done that? He was moderate on the abortion issue but he was no Liberal as anyone who actually was out of diapers and living in California knows.

The shift to your ideas by the California GOP took place after Wilson, before that there was some Leftist Republicans elected but only in the Bay Area and some districts in Socal; your attempt to rewrite history so your “importing Welfare rats is great for the US” philosophy can be spared the condemnation that California exhibits from having tried it is intellectually offensive.

When the California GOP was Conservative they controlled all of the statewide offices and were in play in every nationsl election, after your open border welfare preachers got their agenda implemented the only reason any GOP presence exists in statewide politics is that they have moved equal to the Left as your guys.

Which is your ONLY agenda for the US and the reason you are so committed to applying the California model at the Federal level.


Using a poll as opposed to what, your personal Bubble?

The same one that’s trying to tell me nothing of consequence has changed on University campuses, and they’ve had zero effect on American politics?

Again RET, you’re not giving any grounds for me to believe you, because you’re denying obvious things like that. Your theory of what happened to California is so delicate, that you can’t include any other factor?

Then you’re not being real with me. You’re trying to hide things.

How many liberals have said:

conservatives are f—ing irrelevant”?

How many try (and failed) to primary Republicans for not supporting tax increases?

How many criticized Reagan, calling him a “mediocre Governor” and “too extreme” to be President?

How many support candidates who supported Barack Obama?

Pete Wilson has done. it. all.

Equally, no one is more Responsible for how Prop 187 was managed:


Nothing has changed on college campuses, they have been communist indoctrination camps for your side since at least the 1930’s.

Wilson had absolutely NOTHING to do with prop 187, like all propositions that one was created by the voters, put on the ballot by the voters and passed by the voters.

Wilson had the same responsibility for 187 that Trump has for “Russian collusion”, NONE.

Those are FACTS.

You guys just keep berating everyone with your ridiculous narratives that require complete ignorance and a suspension of all critical thinking to believe and you assume your tall tale will eventually be accepted as truth.

It won’t, the second you step outside of your Leftist echo chamber you leave the group who is willing to check their brain at the door and parrot your fantasy.

You blame Wilson because you refuse to admit that your ideas created this mess and what’s even worse, you knew they would make this mess and you cheer its existence as a success story; and now you want a nationwide sequel.


This is a great example of the morons that you give away your thinking responsibilities too.

We are now supposed to believe that Wilson who was ahead in the polls everyday before the election (so far that his opponent pulled all of her ads in the last week to support people who actually had a chance) and armed with the knowledge that he could not run for governor again due to term limits; was so “desperate” that he created a wedge issue out of thin air in prop 187 which then destroyed the GOP forever in California in spite of never being implemented.

This is why you have to quote your opponents out of context and misdirect endlessly, you let others do your thinking for you and those you choose for the job are imbeciles and liars.


Cool, now where’s the part where you admit they’ve effected politics?

That they create latent social patterns that change the views of anyone who goes through them, and even many who don’t?

Sorry RET, you should have checked on this:

I’ll buy that you may have been ignorant of this; the facts don’t change though.

RET, did you check at all as to who Bill Saracino is?

He helped run campaigns of the very Republicans Pete Wilson tried to primary. Y’know, the ones who were saying “No New Taxes”?

Ergo, he’s a republican insider who was very much aware of what the party was doing, and what Wilson was doing to his guys in particular.

The actual conservatives, who you’ve conveniently sidelined here.


Wilson was never behind and desperate, your BS “polls” were never scientific and appeared in every election before the GOP stomped your party.

That is why Brown dumped her entire war chest in the last couple weeks, ALL of the legitimate polling had said she had NO CHANCE at any point.

You repeat your partys lies as if that will make them true, I was here and involved in this campaign, everyone knew your Leftist media polls were bogus then and we know it now.

In fact, you guys were saying Reagan was way behind in 1980 right up until he beat Carter in a landslide; nothing ever changes in your tactics.


I went to the Univerysity of Delaware from 1967 until 1971. It was considered to be a quiet, fairly conservative school when I went there. Two very liberal professors were fired for their “extreme” views. I took a political science course from one of them. He was very liberal, but I don’t think that he was a communist. At least he never came off that way in class.

That being said, I didn’t hear very much about the conservative point of view in any of my classes except in the Economics Department. Most of those professors were monetarists who followed Milton Friedman. The one Keysian was liberal but would be considered very moderate today. He was an excellent teacher, and I learned a great deal from him that could be applied to either side of the political spectrum.

On balance I left that school calling myself a “Liberal - Libitarian” a confused, position to say the least. I thought that the federal government was in the position to fix a lot of problems, but I learned the truth by the time I was about 30 years old. By then I had seen that it had caused a lot of problems and was only getting worse with the the likes of Carter and Mondale running the show. My first Republican vote was for Reagan in 1980. I have not voted for any Democrat for president since then.


The biggest threat to this country are the millennial voters who say they are socialists, but who have not followed the news to know why some many people from South America want to come here. They don’t know sqat about Hugo Chavez, Nickolus Madero or Daniel Ortega. I’m sure that many of them would vote for those guys after listening to their sales pitch.

The younger generation can’t comprehend the practical problems that socialist economies face, even if they are run by “angels” who selflessly want the system to work. More often than not socialist countries have been run by dictators who take care of their family, strong armed supporters and themselves first with no regard for the people they claimed or were elected to help.


Other republicans who were active in party at the time are telling a different story. These polls back what they claim, as does the fact that yes, the GOP hired professional signature gatherers to push prop 187 through when pre-existing signatures weren’t enough to get it on the ballot,

If you can’t give me evidence, why would I take your word over theirs? You’ve given me no reason to trust you.


I can’t speak for RET, but I couldn’t care LESS if you “trust” either of us. You’ve demonstrated quite convincingly that you don’t trust ANYONE or anyTHING but your own opinions.


In words of Thomas Sowell “Show me the evidence”.

If he demands that before he believes in something, why can’t I?

But you’re actually on my side this time Dave; you know as well as I do that communists were altering the Culture in California, and they were doing it well before 1986.

RET’s still in denial on that one.


…which has nothing whatsoever to do with trusting you or you trusting us.


It actually does; if RET denies something so plainly obvious, it likely means he’s hiding something.

He admits contact since the 1930s; Communists couldn’t move the dial on CA culture in ~60 years? They worked on Russia in less than 20.


They’ve been infiltrating the educational system since the 50’s.


Hear, hear!
If only California were not such a beautiful state (geographically), I’d be all in favor of outright seccession, or expulsion. They could create the Leftist Utopia in California. And when they got annexed by Mexico, we would really need that wall between them and the rest of us. (I suppose Oregon and maybe Western Washington would want to go along as well?)


How long would California survive if it did secede from the Union and became and independent state or re-joined Mexico? (It left Mexico as a result of the Mexican War which was fought in 1848.) Do you think it would go into default, could make the socialist system work, or would they come to their senses when things really fell apart?

Years ago the state could not pay its bills were were giving out IOUs. That seems to have passed, but the crazy legislation is still getting through the legislature, with Gavin Newsome as governor, the left tilt will become greater.


If the feds pulled out of Kalifornia, the state would sink faster than a concrete canoe.


Concrete canoes can float, just not very well. It’s one of the projects they used to give to engineering students years ago. So long as the water It displaces weighs more than the canoe, you are okay unless a medium sized wave hits you.

Kalifornia has been chugging along with their concrete canoe for many years, dating back to when Jerry Brown had hair.