To those of you who have doubted

Some concerning remarks made by author
– free universal healthcare, free university tuition for all, (how?)
– his support for free university education for families under an income of $125,000 (how?)
– he cares about eliminating racial disparities in criminal justice (how?)
– help to remove systemic racism and classism from schools (how?)

So far, he’s the worst president ever. In 100 days he succeeded in

  • opening the border completely
  • making us dependent on for countries that dislike us for energy
  • run up the national debt to record levels and wants to add trillions to it
  • gotten the rate of inflation up to the highest level in a decade.
  • divided the country even further.

Why are the “progressives” happy with him? He is puppet who is controlled by the far left of Democrat Party. Their goal is gain complete control of the country with no input what so ever from those who disagree with them. That the goal of HR and Senate bill #1.


And in one day he made people who don’t wear mask are racists to people who wear masks are racists

This article is written with a shocking level of ignorance.

Secondly, he wants to … use bargaining with a massive amount of insured people to force pharmaceutical companies to lower the ridiculous cost of prescription drugs.

Is he totally unaware of what has happened this past year? The vaccines were approved under Emergency Use Authorization, which can only be approved if “there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.” But there ARE thoroughly adequate and available alternatives for covid–Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Why haven’t those two extremely safe, very cheap and very effective drugs been approved for use against covid? Because if they were approved, there would be no pandemic and no reason to approve the vaccines. Then the pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be able to charge our insurance companies an arm and a leg.

President Trump may not be totally off the hook, since it was approved under his watch, but he knew there was no way he could get anything cheap approved so he went along with it to get the country back to work as fast as possible.

The Democrats, however, love pharmaceutical companies. Who thinks Biden would ever bargain with them to lower prices more than a few cents? Doesn’t the failure to approve these two cheap wonder drugs prove the system won’t and therefore he won’t?