To visitors just viewing the forums

First off I want to thank you for taking the time to visit these forums and look around, however, I would like to invite you to join and actively participate in our discussions. We don’t tolerate spammers, foul language , or trolls. We aim to be the premiere conservative forums hangout. Liberals are allowed to join but keep in mind you are vastly out-numbered here. We will however treat everyone with respect until they screw it up, then they get banned.

  1. It is free
  2. You get to meet others with similar or vastly different opinions
  3. You get to state your point
  4. You can play in the arcade
  5. With time you can become a moderater and administer certain forums
  6. You will view less advertisement as a member
  7. By the elections of 2008 when we have thousands of members you can claim to have been here when it all started.

With that I would like to again thank everyone that stops by here and ask that you take a minute to register.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email anytime.

Also read the Guide to Surviving RO

If you’re talking about gator, he wasn’t banned - and offhand, I can’t think of any CUer who was banned - unless they joined CU afterwards.

What does the Canadian Union have to do with any of this?

You may wanna reconsider opening that can of silly string.

it’s a joke, edog is our minister of really bad jokes.

Did I get a promotion?

Before I was just the Minister of Bad Jokes, looks like I moved up.
Or down.

More like a sensi.:ninja:


All the same guy. He’d get banned and come right back almost immediately.

I’m sure your views will be normal among people like me and I’m only 23 years old.

You make me feel old.:biggrin:

Frankie had been banned from CU several times before he came here, I think. I know he was on both places at the same time.

I believe he was also banned from RN (after I left), but he thought TRS not worth his notice.

[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:11, topic:108”]
You make me feel old.:biggrin:
[/quote] Ah you young whippersnappers are all young to me. But then I have a 63 year old girlfriend that makes me feel young.:devil:

[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:11, topic:108”]
You make me feel old.:biggrin:
[/quote]CG isn’t the only conservative youngster around here. I can think of at least a couple more.

Are you telling me that I was correct?

The last thing that I’m capable of doing is reading minds and it’s also an ability that I wouldn’t want. I just took a guess based upon what you said.

They make me feel old too.:yes: :Thud:

Even Sam makes me feel old! :howler: My baby brother just turned 65 in February. :tongue:

[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:16, topic:108”]
They make me feel old too.:yes: :Thud:
[/quote]Roger that…

[SIZE=2]ooooh wow i pictured all you guys and gals to be in your mid 30s for some reason, but then again mid 30s is double my age, so even thats a bit…oh dare i say it, [/SIZE]old

Welcome, YOUNGSTER !! :bored:

Seriously, have fun & enjoy yourself. This is a great place to be.