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Fantasy Chaser is 42 - and he’s my “baby!” I’m really old!

I guess I was actually a conservative until sometime in 1968. Back from Vietnam, on campus and wanting to fit in, I suppose. During my undergraduate and graduate years, and then the years as university faculty and administration I was mostly liberal. It wasn’t until the kids came along that I started to swing right again. I couldn’t believe the crap that the media fed them daily. I didn’t prohibit it. Instead, I kept walking out of the room. Did that work? Two out of three of my kids are conservative. Of course, the liberal one is a teacher. In my fourth or tenth career, I am a teacher now too.

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No need to cry about being a teacher.

Welcome !! I agree. Don’t worry about being a teacher. We need conservative teachers now more than ever.

I used to have a teacher called “Mr. B” back in my highschool days.
Not sure what political side he was but he seemed to very dislike Clinton and Gore and JFK.
I think there is alot of Teachers named Mr B. :biggrin:

Uh, what’s that supposed to mean ?.

Commencing Band countdown in 3…2…1…

Ron Paul invented the countdown.

Ron Paul invented 3, 2, and 1.
those are also his poll numbers

Ron Paul also invented Gen. Tso. His chicken was the result of a Col Sanders lab accident.

You just made the list, bucko.

Internet immortality!!!

I have recently left the republican party or more accurately they left me. I would love to see conservatives unite around real paleo-conservative issues. I think the neo-conservatives have lead the party to destruction.

I am Very proud of America and the Americans that are standing up to the whimps we some how put in congress…Time for a Diaper change of those whinny babys. Beware America I heard we have Russian subs out side our boarders “licking their lips for any unrest they can embarge upon” We can’t seem to trust this administration to protect us from the inside of our boarder let alone the outside…So we must beware and on guard. We are Americans and have faced many dangers . This too We shall overcome!!!:flag:

Long, long ago TO ventured …

Obviously a bit of TO’s hyperbole is dated, but in this post TO stated what he envisioned RO would become. He was unknowingly (I think) and preemptively responsive to views of what RO is intended to be that have been bandied about periodically the past couple of years (including within the past few days). Whether an RO member has never seen this thread before or has not read it for several years, I suggest doing so now, especially TO’s first paragraph.

Think about every part of what TO said, not just those parts that appeal to you. If your first thoughts are of what some other person is doing and how they should be smacked down, chances are near certainty that you’ve missed or are ignoring some important part of what TO said.