Today is the 19-year anniversary of 9/11

Today is the 19-year anniversary of 9/11

“I can hear you, the rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon.” - George W. Bush

Today is the 19-year anniversary of 9/11. We will never forget those who we lost and those who sacrificed in the aftermath. Thank you.

The sad part is we now have domestic terrorists who are worse than the people who took down the buildings on 9/11. They are the traitors who belong to Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. They are citizens who hate their country. They don’t realize if they went against the government in the other countries the way they have here, they would have been liquidated in short order, and I don’t mean just jail time.

We have a generation of programmed young college students and graduates who think that authoritarian governments are the answer because THEIR dictators would be benevolent. They don’t know history because one of the goals of their programers is to erase history. In short they rich little revolutionary want to bes who have no concept of what the consequences will be if they get what they want.


Agreed. If these little anarchists had been in control after 9/11, we’d all be learning Arabic and studying the Qu’ran and Sharia law.


Bush was attacked for his handling of the 9/11 attack, they though he knew something like this was coming.

The leftists of the day tried hard to destroy him over it.

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Given how vague reports were I wouldn’t fault him. I would however fault Condoleeza Rice saying:

“No one could have imagined this sort of attack occuring”.

You’d have to have no knowledge of aviation attacks to think that.

Before 9/11, we already had two instances of small single engine aircraft crashing into the White House.

In 1994, someone tried to hijack a FedEx MD-10 and crash it as an act of suicide

That same year was Air France Flight 8969, where hijackers wanted to crash the plane into the eiffel tower, failing only because the plane was low on fuel and they allowed it to land.

Plenty of case history, not to mention bomb plots and hostage crises where crashes were threatened.

You’re such an ass. She was not speaking literally you DOPE!. It was more of an expression of disbelief that it actually happened.


I didn’t realize Muslims Fly Fed Ex that day, or Air France flight was being crashed in FRANCE was somehow related with the 9/11 event, due to being 7 years prior and unconnected to Muslims airplane flying into American building plans.

Your attack on what Dr. Rice stated was dead on arrival because NONE of the pervious attacks were even guessed as a possibility. of going to be crashed into famous landmarks or Government buildings.

I am sure your vaunted expertise in these second guessing future events prediction advice was not appreciated.

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Speaking of Never Forget . . . .

Ladies and Gentlemen: Don’t forget that in a thread like this, all that Alaska_Asswipe could do is criticise Condoleezza Rice - not one word of sorrow for the dead - and our other resident POS CSBrownshirt could not even show his filthy face.

Here’s a SHOCKING warning from the niece of BIN LADEN | “America, be proud of your country”

This is the consensus within the Aviation industry. We knew we were vulnerable, politicians just didn’t care enough.

France, Israel and several other countries had already taken measures to prevent events like this. In theory so had we with ASAA bill in '96, and the ASIA act in 2000 but we didn’t actually implement much of either.

Why? TWA 800 was the drive for both, but it turned out to have most likely been an accident, so all the energy to get things done was lost.

Truth of the matter is, we didn’t need Lockerbie 2.0 x4 to get our policy straight on locked cockpit doors and proper baggage screening. It just finally took away the excuses for why we weren’t doing it.

She said this directly to the 9/11 commission.

So, pretty sure she was.

It’s relevant to the industry.

Every other form of attack on aviation that started somewhere else eventually came to us.

Hijackings, bombings, suicide attacks, so why wouldn’t we think this too would arrive here? There’s no good answer.

Even the 9/11 commission concludes that signs this could happen to us were there, but there was no energy to reform aviation security on the one side, and there was an intelligence failure due to inter-agency turf wars blocking information sharing on the other.

So we were left with a vulnerability we were just hoping our enemies wouldn’t stumble into.

Had we implemented just the changes that came out of TWA 800, and were already written into law, there wouldn’t have been a 9/11.

Let me tell you something that’s little known outside the aviation industry.

It’s likely the pilots voulantarily gave control to the terrorists. Why? Because that was official U.S. policy at the time.

It was called the Common Strategy.

Why was this our policy? Because we immediately assumed that any hijackings were just a hostage crisis, therefore, everything should be done to de-escalate the situation as quickly as possible. Get the plane on the ground, let authorities sort it out.

It was a holdover from the 1970s when things like Dawson’s field were going on.

Does that sound like good policy to you?

Israel and France did. It saved lives, as they didn’t have a common strategy like ours. We should have followed their lead.

All buildings matter.


You are pretty sure about a lot of stupid bullshit and lies, and everyone in this forums has let you know it, ad infinitum, ad absurdum

Nah, I gave you the source of her saying it so you can’t call it a lie.

You would be the one lying if you tried.

Anyone can read the 9/11 commission report and see that.

Everyone let you know in your own thread that your game of insults doesn’t work.

We all know your temperament, you would have been banned by now if the mods were here.

Two days after the 9/11 attack @realDonaldTrump was at Ground Zero with hundreds of workers that he paid of his own pocket to help find and identify victims.

This was much before he was even thinking of running for @POTUS

He’s been a patriot to the country he loves for ever.

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