Today's Cover Of The New York Post



What was the story? Did she give back the speaking fee? Did she recently speak to them for free? Or was the DNC supposed to pay her $200 k?

I won’t pay a penny to see her speak. To me it would be like being strapped to a chair and having to watch wall paint dry. Come to think of it watching paint dry would be more entertaining. That voice of her’s is a like listening to rubbing your fingernail on a blackboard. And when she goes into her African dialect for the African - American groups, it’s enough to make you puke. :sick:


Damn it silliessis I just ate & then I see a picture of Hillary with the words “It’s on me”. Just the thought of someone or something on Hillary almost made me loose my lunch. You should warn a fellow. (wink)


I’ve tried my best to find the story but I just don’t see one?

I’ll continue to search but in the meantime …


That’s a great cartoon. What is it, 40 reporters that the Washington Post has out looking for dirt on Trump? They don’t any digging for Hillary dirt, but of course there’s mounds of that which is already public knowledge.

The Washington Post has had the nerve to send me emails asking me to take a subscription. Fat chance. If I want to buy Liberal BS, I’ll start getting “Mother Jones” or “Rolling Stone.” If you are going buy garbage, you might well go for the best … so to speak.