Tommy lee: Message to Trump Supporters


This is a good reason to make sure leftists never get into position of power EVER.

T❍mmy L33
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I assume I’m missing a cultural reference.
The only Tommy Lee I know of is Tommy Lee Jones, a great actor with miserable political beliefs.


It is my understanding that Tommy Lee Jones was Al Gore’s roommate in college. That would be enough to pollute your mind for a lifetime if you are weak willed.


oh darn. sorry guys. I thought I got the whole thing posted. No…i’m talking about that pot head tommy lee of the band motley crew.


Oh. I don’t listen to Mötley Crüe and that article doesn’t encourage me to start.

Both the face and the words seem to indicate Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).


Hollywood is eaten up with TDS.


You mean that ugly pukish POS that beat his wife Pamela Anderson numerous times and kicking her while she was holding their child, rabid anti-Semitic who was sued by a Jewish photographer when Lee showed him the swastika on his arm, and engaged in racist comments to a guard and pouring beer over the guard’s head? That Tommy Lee? Well, he sounds like just a model American citizen to me! Surely President Trump is bothered by Lee’s non-support. NOT.


didn’t know all that!! thanks for the ammunition.


Any time darlin’!! :+1:


Over rated drummer from an over rated band with terrible live performances every time I’ve seen them has an unintelligent opinion.

For the record, everything after Dr Feelgood sucked, and the albums preceding had two or three good songs with a lot of filler to take up the rest. They were a “bad boy” version of Poison that were very, very lucky. AC/DC’s Angus Young still has no idea who they are, even after MC opened for them on a couple of tours.


Are you serious? Never listened to their music so I don’t have any idea how good their songs were. Tommy Lee thinks too much of himself.