Tonight's debate


Pretty good debate. Both candidates were lively and on point. I do wish the moderators enforced the two-minute speaking limit.


The moderator was so unbelievably biased. I’ve never seen a moderator bail out a candidate like she did to Obama with the Libya question.


At best…BHO gets a draw in this one (if you’re an undecided idiot and believed his lies). Romney had another good night and made a good impression with lots of hit points and good demeanor. BHO’s hit points seemed scripted to me and out of character…forced. But he made a good case and was forceful and did not let Romney dominate. Personally I think Romney won on points…but I’m sure we’ll have differences of opinion. Krauthammer called it for BHO on points because Romney failed to nail BHO properly on Libya…but he had it close otherwise.
Jebby…I didn’t think the moderator was biased until the Libya question on the Rose Garden speech where she came down on Obama’s side then tried to moderate herself and throw Romney a bone. THAT moment was incredibly biased…Obama got 4 extra minutes and the last word several times more. Subtle…but effective Candy!

Anyway…I see NO poll movement from the debate…but when and IF the fact checking from tonites claims comes out…we may get more movement towards Mitt.


Candi recanted what she said about Obama’s Libya statements. She said soon after the debate that Romney was correct.

The best thing out of it is that this makes that fiasco a major subject that will be discussed for the next week. Highlighting a big failure of the administration is not a good thing for Obama.

On that same subject, what does it mean when someone takes “full responsibility”? Who is going to pay the price for this failure? I don’t see anyone resigning or getting fired.


I agree with Cam. That being said… I think Romney is painting his own picture for a brighter future (and if independents don’t listen to Obama smear campaign) we will begin to see a little uptick swing towards Romney again. Maybe another point or half a point. Maybe some lean Romney states become Romney solids and some toss ups become lean romney. Obama isn’t convincing anybody this time around. As the guy in Frank Luntz group said. Obama’s plan is BS!!! He isn’t convincing anybody but the liberals.


“BHO’s hit points seemed scripted to me and out of character…forced.”

Cam, did you not notice the earpiece in his right ear?? Probably had input from Axelrod.


My call:

  1. If you listened on radio, somewhere tween a draw and 'bammy by a nose

  2. TV and its bammy by a head

  3. You are smarter than a mud fence: Then it was Romney by a mile, if bammy’s lips were moving he was lying and I have seen less bias in a WWF wrestling match by a one eyed ref.

  4. Biggest loser? ROMNEY by a mile. He had some many chances to hit a home-run(S) and he missed every one. Romney could have put the election in his pocket last night but missed opportunity after opportunity to do so. I have spent a lot of time in debates and adversarial briefings and arguing with someone who will blatantly tell lies and distort the facts is VERY difficult. You have to be able to let them hang themselves as its near impossible for you to do it. Romney did not show me that he has a lot of experience this type of sparing. Romney needed to counterpunch and not attack the lie. Rose garden statement by bammy, should have been countered with Susan Rice on 5 Sunday talk shows. Bammy’s lies on his energy policy should have been counterpunched with Keystone pipeline disapproval and green energy bankruptcies, etc, etc. Romney could have put this election away last nite, but he missed the home runs and only scored base hits.

  5. Little real movement on the polls, bammy might get a short bump since he looked better than the first time around but the bump will be small if at all.


Agree particularly with #4. Mitt had a number of opportunities to close the deal but didn’t. There were at least half a dozen times when I waited for him to deliver an obvious response but he didn’t.
Crowley interrupted him 22 times vs. 9 for Obama… I think she threw him off track a few times besides the Rose Garden penalty flag.


Obama speaks to stupid people who believe tax cuts somehow caused our recession and debt.


They have hit points? What kind of attack damage, attack speed and movement speed were they swinging? They rely on attack damage or ability power? :smiley:


I too sat there thinking ‘now say _______ this and take him to the barn’.

My experience in corp America is that senior folks rarely do anything but read the bullet points on the powerpoint slides. In the military reading the bullet points ends your briefing career. You never read the slides, the audience can read so you better be able to talk to each point while not reading it. This really teaches you to think on your feet, especially in a room full of folks that are taking shots at you. Not to say Romney or anyone else is not smart but its just a way of thinking, a good briefer does not rely on the slides, you got to think outside the bullets.

I thought he could have sealed the deal with a few zingers. I think overall he won and a lot of folks saw that. And as the lies of Obama are not hitting the talk shows and newspapers he is losing. ESPECIALLY the Libya coverup, debacle and his lack of any leadership.

I think we are seeing the Obammy wagon coming off the rails, losing its wheels and unable to haul the load anymore…


Energy policy fact checking