Tonight's VP Debate

I’ll be very brief because my level of disgust, anger and election trepidation is running quite high.

I have no idea how effective Pence will be tonight. Under normal circumstances I would all but guarantee Pence would mop the floor with Harris as there is so much ammunition Biden, Harris and the Democrats have provided , especially over the last few months…

But these are not normal circumstances. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on the issues I fear Trump and the media lopsided reporting of his behavior will require Pence to spend much, if not most, of the debate on the defensive.

I firmly believe Trump can win. I also firmly believe he just might lose. Those of you toiling exclusively in this echo chamber and that provided by FOX News, consider this: Evening viewership on FOX is reportedly 4.2 million. The rest of the networks - controlled by the Left - have an evening viewership totaling over 23 million. On top of that, if any of you have switched the channel to one of those networks you will have noticed it is literally a 24/7 Trump bash. Oh, and the latest revelations regarding the Clinton/DNC/CIA/FBI/Biden/Obama subversive activities in 2016 regarding the phony Trump/Russia connection and the Left’s 4 year-long attempted overthrow of the government being provided by the declassified documents just released (with more to come) - it is going almost totally unreported. And, of course what is being shown is the 20+ minute video by Michelle Obama claiming Trump/racism is totally responsible for the months of looting, burning, etc. And, oh yes, nary a word about China being responsible for the pandemic - nope, it is Trump’s doing…

The Left understands what Hitler knew very well - you control the news and you control education and you repeat the lie often enough and the sheep will believe it.

As a nation, the voters responsible for electing their leaders get the government they deserve.

The only course of action available is for ALL of us to get up off our asses and vote. Good luck to you all.

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Another factor in the debate will be that Susan Page, the “USA Today” newspaper Washington bureau chief will be the moderator. She is firmly in the Democrats’ pocket and will run interference for Harris if she gets into any trouble.

According to the conventional wisdom, the Republicans had their moderator, Chris Wallace. Those of us, who watch Fox News, know that he is a Democrat who is only slightly to the right of Juan Williams.

I can vouch for the 100% negative coverage by the main stream news media. I have looked in on ABC News almost every night. Their negative Trump stories run for over half of the program almost every night. They don’t even to pay lip service to equal coverage any more. It’s interesting that they don’t have much to say about Biden most nights. Of course his day usually ends at 9 AM, so I guess there is nothing to report.

When they are not trashing Trump, they are going on and on about who is wearing a mask. It is a total obsession with them. They give you the impression that you should be wearing one while you are sitting at home viewing their program, even if you are alone.

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This “debate” is a joke.

Susan Page asked a question and then she asked another question which does not allow Pence to give a response. Susan Page is a stooge.

They just got nailed on fracking. Harris says she is for it. Can we put she and Biden in record for that? The far left has to up in arms unless they are with the program, which we know they are. Harris can say anything BEFORE the election.

Harris refused to answer the question about packing the Supreme Court. Of course she is going to pack the Supreme Court! We just got her answer from her non answer.

Harris just made it clear. She and Biden just made it clear, she and Biden will support the packing of the Supreme Court.

Harris just made it clear. No more cash bail for felons. Harris just said it. A violet felon will get out of jail without bail. What is to stop them?